Friday, September 5, 2008

Eye Candy - Jude Law

There are many people who were blessed with good looks and style. There are countless models (male and female) who grace the pages of magazines and TV commercials every week. But... we also have those few individuals who hit the good looks jackpot! (lucky bastards!)

There are a couple individuals, male and female, who I love starring at. Now, I'm not one of those crazy fans, but damn, these people just have something about them that makes me like them. Of course, beauty/attractiveness is subjective, so I doubt everyone would agree with my eye candy picks, but I just wanted to share.

This week (hopefully this will be a weekly series) I picked Jude Law

Jude has this boyish, arrogant, pretty-boy aura about him. He's also British, so that also gives him more cool points in my book (just for the accent alone). He usually plays the "good looking" guy in movies, which I can imagine isn't a stretch for him. To date, I've seen the following movies he's appeared in:
  • Bent - don't really remember him in this one. I watched it mostly for Clive Owen - good film though!
  • Wilde - saw it on the Logo channel and got annoyed with the commercials and obvious editing of provocative scenes that I stopped mid-way through - but who doesn't love gay Jude?
  • Gattaca - I first noticed him in this film, not his acting ability, just his good looks
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley - I fell in love with him while he sung Tu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano
  • Artificial Intelligence: A.I. - he was okay, I mean, who wouldn't want a sex slave Jude Law robot?
  • Cold Mountain - he was alright in it
  • Alfie - this is the Jude Law I think of, the play boy
  • Closer - first let me say, it's my favorite movie and second I loved him in it
  • Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - good voice over work, I swear I'm a sucker for accents
  • The Holiday - it was a wack movie, but thought I'd add it.

At times I have an over-active imagination and in my head, I can see myself meeting Jude. It would go a little something like this:
I'm sitting in a cafe reading a book. Out of the blue, Jude Law walks in and sits at my table. I look up from my book. I notice it's Jude. I stare at him and stare some more. He lights a cigarette, not in a normal way, but in a cool romantic way with a zippo lighter. He turns his head and starts starring at me. I want to look away, but I can't. He says, "Yes, yes, I know I'm Jude Law. Yes, I'm terribly beautiful. I know. Yes, nice to meet you too. But now, you must look away because it's starting to annoy me." Extremely embarrassed, I look down at my book and mumble "sorry". He continues, "it's okay love." He places his hand on top of mine. "Now, I'm only in town for two nights, why don't you show me around, but first let's go back to my hotel, I really need to shower and put on some fresh clothes."
Well, you can imagine where the rest of that day dream goes. I don't know why he's kind of a jerk to me in my day dream, but I just assume someone this good looking would most likely be a little "jerkish". Another thing, I don't know if it's a fetish of mine, but I love photos of people smoking cigarettes. It's weird I know, but maybe I've been subconsciously brainwashed (I've seen too many movies) to think it's cool.

Anyway, he is truly eye candy. Anyway, you can check out more photos here.


  1. If you want to see blessed check out my rafa! (please ignore the ridiculous title of the article).

  2. Okay i dont know how i got here but i can totally agree with you about jude law :O i just can't get why some girls don't fall for him.

  3. @Sam Yes, hands down Jude Law is an official hottie.

  4. Jude is indeed one pretty piece of man meat. What a pretty sex slave he'd be!!!!!!!!! DROOL!

  5. @Anonymous yes he would make a pretty sex slave, I suppose... but for some reason I don't think Jude is the submissive sort...

  6. i totally get the smoking thing its weird i know but theres this one of johnny depp smoking and playing the piano, its an absolute classic !!!

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