Friday, September 26, 2008

Eye Candy - Tom Welling

Look at that face. It's so manly, so strong, so beautiful!

Look at that body. So big and strong. Can you imagine what a nice tight hug from him might feel like? Would you even be able to get your arms around his entire chest?

Don't look at his teeth, they's kind of messed up.

This week's eye candy is Tom Welling!

I will admit, this eye candy is all about LUST. I lust after Tom Welling. I don't want him to talk (the jury is still out on his personality and speaking abilities). I just want him to lay next to me and for me to rest my head on his chest.

He has the look of a construction worker, a very, very good looking blue collar guy. I can imagine our meeting going like this:

I am in a local bar, sipping on an amaretto sour (my favorite drink) and reading a book (I read where ever I go, that’s the geek in me). I hear someone walk in and nosily sit down. He orders a beer (he doesn't say what type, just beer). After taking a long sip he turns and looks at me. Even though I can feel him looking at me, I don’t dare look up from my book.

“Hey, I’ve read that book,” he says.

I reluctantly look up and say, “Really?” Then I really see him and realize it’s Tom effin’ Welling. I instantly make up my mind to pretend I don’t know who he is or that he just made the temperature go up ten degrees.

“Yeah, in high school if was required reading.” He gets up and sits next to me. “I really liked it.”

“Cool. Have you seen the movie? Of course, it’s not as good as the book, but it’s definitely worth seeing.”

“Wow, I didn’t know they made it into a movie.”

Of course, I’m thinking idiot! Thanks for affirming my notion that good looking people are stupid. But that thought quickly floats from my head as I realized this gorgeous man wants to talk to me.

“Want to watch it?” he asks.

“You mean now?”

“Yeah, why not? I’m staying in a hotel up the street and I think I passed a video store up the block.”

Inside I’m screaming, “hell ya! Let’s go now!” But I realize I must play it cool.

“Sure!” He gulps down the rest of his beer and stands to pull out my bar stool for me (and he has manners!). 

Luckily the video store has the movie and we proceed to walk to his hotel. He explains he's in town for his job (I assume he doesn’t want me to know he’s a famous actor) and didn’t have much to do with his down time. Our conversation is friendly but not romantic and I figure he really just wants company.

We finally reach his hotel room and I mention he must have a good job to have such a large suite and he explains “it’s all a tax right off or something.”

I settle down on the couch while he puts in the DVD. He smiles at me and says “Ready?”

“Of course,” I answer (is he flirting, I'm not quite sure). He walks to the couch and sits so close to me that our legs are touching (yeah, he's flirting).

We don’t talk during the movie and after 30 minutes his head gently lands on my shoulder. His hair is tickling my neck. I reach over to move the hair and notice how soft and light it is. While I’m touching his hair, I notice his eyes are open and he’s staring at me.

I clumsily jump up and say “sorry.” I start to gather my belongings because I am mortified that Tom effin’ Welling just caught me fondling his hair.

He stands and grabs my hand. “It’s okay. Really, it’s okay.”

“Oh, err, it’s just your hair, it’s… it’s just so soft – what conditioner do you use?” My brain screams “idiot, I don’t believe you just said that!” He laughs.

“You know, there’s a DVD player in the bedroom. I’m kind of tired and it might be more comfortable to watch it in there.”

Yeah, I know that sucked and was poorly written (check out my Jude Law meeting), but believe me I did that on purpose, because it’s all ridiculous! I was just having some fun and wanted an opportunity to post some photos of a good looking guy.

Anyway, I first noticed Tom on Smallville (yes, I am a fan even though each year it becomes more difficult to justify watching). He's eye candy to me and from the absurd number of photos of him I found on the internet, I'm sure many people agree with me (probably all 13 year old girls -- geez, I'm such a loser).

Quick Tom Trivia:

  • 31 years old
  • He stands 6’3”
  • Shoe size, 14!
  • Worked as a construction workers until be became a model
  • Only stared in three movies
  • Is part Native American
  • Claim to fame – playing Superman on Smallville

Enjoy the eye candy. You can check out more photos here.





  4. @Anonymous Thanks for commenting. I'm a Tom Welling fan too. I just wish he had more work (acting), I doubt Smallville will last forever.

  5. hey, don't feel bad i feel like a loser for lovin him too, but i've gotta believe any girl with any sense would love a man like that!! However, i've got to disagree on the whole smallville thing cause i think it has gotten better, but that could also just reafirm how much of a true nerd i really am!! ha ha!! Oh and i am not "13" either so share that in common also...

  6. @Anonymous I always feel better when other adults share in my flights of fancy!

    Also, you might be right, I haven't watched Smallville for about 3 seasons now, maybe it did get better. I still believe the golden era of Smallville was season 1 until John Kent died.

  7. OMG!! I love him he's absolutely stunning!! Im not 13 so we all have that in common and I no so many people that love him all adults. Plus we all have are guilty pleasures. Butt I do agree that Smallville season 1 was the best! And the season that introduced us to Jensen Ackles, seriously if you don't know who im talking about look him up. Oh and I loved the story you wrote.


  8. @chickyboo You are right we all have our "guilty pleasures" but sometimes I think I have more than most (ha!). Thanks about liking that story I wrote... when I re-read it I cringe because it's so silly, I was just having a bit of fun.

  9. So I've never watched Smallville and can only comment that Mr. Welling is really quite adorable in these pics you've offered up. And I enjoyed reading your little scenario.

    But most notable for me: Amaretto Sours! YES! One of my Very Favorite Drinks.

    You are clearly a woman of taste and sophistication as well as imagination! :-)

  10. @Jennifer I only drink Amaretto Sours (probably because it's the only drink I know) and maybe a white wine. Sometimes I cringe when I re-read this post, it's soooo silly.

  11. i never had a thing for "tom effin' welling"...a man with good features. but....but...but the pics you posted! yummmmmmmm. ugh, it hurts to look but not to have. he is effin' smoldering. i love your meeting him in the bar story, wish you had been nasty enough to continue it.....we have the same taste in eye candy!

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