Monday, October 13, 2008

Ted Koppel Examines America's Recent History of Racial Violence

Over at Boing Boing, I just learned of a new documentary premiering tonight on the Discovery Channel
Just weeks before the history-making 2008 presidential election, the first in which any political party has nominated an African American as its candidate, Discovery Channel presents a one-hour special on race in America. Some commentators are now speaking of a “post-racial” period in American history. While the nation has come a long way on the road toward racial equality, there is still much left to accomplish.
They point out at Boing Boing, that "Barack Obama, the first black presidential candidate nominated by a major American political party, is almost exactly the same age as that young man killed in that last lynching. They were born some months apart."

The program airs tonight, Monday October 13, at 10 pm ET/PT.

Watch a preview below:

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