Wednesday, December 31, 2008

$3,000 Notebook [Flaunt This]

I wrote a couple post back that I brought a set of journals from the Pottery Barn for $70.00 (which honestly were a little pricey in my opinion). But today I just came across another set of journals from Smythson (of Bond Street) that have a price tag of $2,800. 

Yup, $2,800 for a book you are going to write in! And no, it's NOT made of gold!

Now, I love to journal and write like the next person, but what would compel you to spend almost $3,000 on a notebook!?

Man, can you imagine being THAT RICH that you can spend that type of money on PAPER? What if you made a mistake and had to scribble something out? That one sheet of paper was worth $100.00! 

I did a quick internet search on this store Smythson and apparently it is a fancy store for the ubber rich and elite. Based in London their clients over the years include Queen Victoria, Sir Edmund Hillary and Philly's own Grace Kelly. It's an "old money" sort of store, no wonder they have $3,000 notebooks. I don't even know what I'm doing knowing about a store like this.

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