Friday, October 31, 2008

I Love This Photo


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bill Clinton Came Up Big Time for Obama


I have written posts to express my feelings that Bill Clinton does not like Barack Obama. You can review them here:

I'm still cautious about Bill Clinton, I believe he still harbors some resentment about Obama's defeat of Hillary, but I can't deny the fact he's working hard on the campaign trail for Obama. 

So cheers Bill... you may win me back, after all!

Tech Manual Guru Supports Obama

If you aren't in the tech world, you might not know who Tim O'Reilly is (no, NOT Bill O'Reilly). But Tim O'Reilly is a force in the tech, web world. He is the publisher of many programming and tech manuals.

Wednesday, Tim O'Reilly endorsed Barack Obama and gave a detailed and strong editorial why he made this decision. He supports Obama because his policies on:
  • Connected, Transparent Government
  • The Financial Crisis
  • Climate Change
  • Net Neutrality
  • 9/11, The War in Iraq, and the Growth of Authoritarian Government
  • Abortion
  • Character
  • Competence in Leadership
Read his blog post, Why I Support Barack Obama.

Just not John McCain's Day

No matter how much the McCain campaign would like to believe they have secret information, but the truth is Obama is leading in MOST of the swing states.

Then today, at his rally in Ohio, the campaign had to bus in school students! Yup, school students who can't even vote to fill empty seats.

And to top it off, his buddy, Joe the Plumber, didn't even show up! So when McCain gave him a shout out, he was forced to re-cover by saying "we are ALL Joe the Plumber."

Watch the awkward, "we are all Joe the Plumber" statement:

Dude, it's just not your day.

The McCain Campaign Just Can't Get it Together

Okay, so we know the McCain Campaign is trying to paint Obama as anti-Semitic and anti-Israel (which is ridiculously untrue). But yesterday, McCain's spokesman Michael Goldfard gave a terrible performance on CNN.

Watch the horror show below:

Who the hell is this person "we all know"?

So silly.

Swinging Baby Around - This is fake, right?

Watch this video and someone please let me know if this is fake. 

Hope it is.

Source [Boing Boing]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Phillies are World Champions

Philadelphia Rules the World... 
if only for one night!
yes, we rule the world. period.

* technically, one year.

Synchronized Presidential Debating

Did watching the 2nd and 3rd debates give you a feeling of déjà vu? This montage of synced-up footage from all three presidential debates confirms our deep-seated belief that every debate was exactly the same.

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at

I gotta say, from this synchronized version of the debates, I still think Obama won all of them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain won by 1 vote!

Want to freak out your friends?

Want your friends to feel guilty about not voting?

Want to motivate your friends to vote for Obama?

Send them this personalized video.

Check out the video I was sent:

At first I was freaked out when I saw my name in a "news broadcast", but then I started to laugh.

So have fun and send this out to your friends by clicking here.

Oh yeah, this website was paid for by MOVEON.ORG

CNN Breaking News Text

4:28pm... CNN Breaking news Text has something to tell me:
Dow Jones closes up nearly 900 points, gaining more than 10 percent.
Yeaaahhhh, I should be happy, but I don't really care.

ABC not showing Obama but Obama cool with that

I'm laughing at ABC right now.

So, Barack Obama wants to air a 30 minute campaign infomercial (a la Ross Perot in 1992). He approached the networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox for 1 million dollars!

Everyone jumped on board (who ya kiddin', we living in tough economic times, 1 mill will pay a lot of bills) EXCEPT ABC.

Yup, ABC had to think about it.

Fast forward to this week, ABC made up their mind and wants to sell the time to the Obama campaign (who can really say no to 1 million dollars). But the Obama campaign was like, "Dude, sorry... we already allocated that money elsewhere. Laters."

So now ABC is stuck showing Pushing Daisies (full disclosure - the only thing I watch on ABC is Grey's Anatomy). Apparently they started airing commercials saying "Wednesday you have a choice - get political with the other networks or watch a new episode of Pushing Daisies". Ahahahahahaha, at this time, I think the majority of the people will choose option 1 - getting political.

Obama in the rain


We all know the World Series (Go Phillies!) was put on hold due to the rain, but that didn't stop Obama campaigning in Chester, PA today.

It was wet, cold and windy, but supporters stood in the rain and Obama did not let them down. Check out the photos from today:

Dedicated supporters!

Obama in jeans and sneakers, we don't get to see that often.

Rain, sleet or snow won't keep Presidential Candidate Obama away!

If you stand with me, if you fight with me...

If people can stand in the rain to hear him speak, we can go out to vote Nov 4th in the rain. No excuses!


You know how the President always wears the presidential bomber jacket? [view here] Can't you see Obama strolling around Camp David in his official jacket!!!

Want more photos? Yahoo News

Laura Bush Killed a Guy... Did John McCain?


A couple weeks back, Family Guy brought up the fact that Laura Bush (yes, the first lady) killed a guy. Now, I knew about this (because I likes to find out random facts about people and it's on her wikipedia page), but my significant other was shocked, he was like "I never knew that. When did that happen..."

You can watch the clip below:

Laura was in high school and accidental ran a stop sign (or was it a light) and hit a fellow classmate and he died. It was ALL an accident. Seriously, no alcohol was involved and charges were not pressed. [Read more about it at Snopes] By the way, I actually like Laura Bush - she was a librarian and librarians are cool.

That article just reminded me of the Family Guy, and I wanted to share it.

Charles Barkley Governor of Alabama?

Sir Charles Barkley says he plans to run for Governor of Alabama in 2014. He also claims, "I can't screw up Alabama."

Now, that would be a very interesting governor race.

Whassup - 8 years ago and today.

Remember the Whassup Budweiser Ad from 8 years ago:

Now, check out the guys in 2008.

Change, that's whassup!

Coffee Table Book - American Fashion Accessories


The Fashion Bomb alerted me to a new coffee table. (I love coffee table books - they are usually big and have many hi res photos). 

Candy Pratts Price, the executive director of has written a book about fashion accessories, called American Fashion Accessories. Fab-u-lous!

This looks like a nice book to buy your friend moving into a new apartment or that fashion minded woman you know. Personally, I think I could flip though it a couple times and lose interest, but those fashion diva's out there will probably love it.

Palin Rally... the N-Word... That Can't Be Right....

I've seen the posts yesterday, but for some reason I didn't really buy it (or want to believe it). But apparently, someone yelled the N-Word at a Palin rally, Palin actually heard it, then continues with her speech like nothing happened.

Then again, maybe she didn't hear it. Maybe the person didn't actually say the n-word. I'm not quite sure. Watch the video and you tell me:

Boing Boing thinks they heard the n-word.

The Daily Kos is saying the lady is shouting "redistributor". Check out their evidence.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's Closing Argument

The final minutes of Barack Obama's closing argument speech today. 

"That’s what’s at stake.  That’s what we’re fighting for.  And if in this last week, you will knock on some doors for me, and make some calls for me, and talk to your neighbors, and convince your friends; if you will stand with me, and fight with me, and give me your vote, then I promise you this – we will not just win Ohio, we will not just win this election, but together, we will change this country and we will change the world."

On the topic of closing arguments, let us not forget Obama is a lawyer and was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He knows a thing or two about closing argument. 

CNN Breaking News Text

Just got another CNN Breaking News Text (wow, two for today):
A jury has found Sen. Ted Stevens guilty on all seven counts of making false statements on Senate disclosure forms.
Man... I have no idea what all this means (rather the bigger picture)... but it apparently ranks high enough for CNN to text me.

Sen. Stevens with his daughter

How does McCain run on reform when the senior republican in the US senate just gets nailed with felony convictions right before a presidential election. And he’s from Alaska. Oh… now I see what this matters! - Hardball with Chris Matthews

Now I understand, why this all matters!

Also, he's the 4th sitting US Senator convicted and if he's re-elected (yes, he's up for re-election!) the senate will have to decide to expell him.

Faces of Meth


Damn... look at more faces of meth

New Harry Potter Trailer

The chosen one!

I am soooo ready to see this movie!

The Wire Campaigns for Obama

Cast members of the totally awesome (sans Season 2) HBO series The Wire are going to North Carolina to campaign for Obama.

If you are in NC and near UNC Chapel Hill or Duke University, Monday, you might get to see:

  • Rhonda "State Attorney, loves a man in uniform" Pearlman - Deidre Lovejoy 
  • Detective Kima "I always tell the truth" Greggs - Sonja Sohn
  • Sergeant Ellis "I consistently screw everything up" Carver - Seth Gilliam

PS - Only true Wire fans can appreciate the respective middle names I've given all the characters.

Read this interesting blog entry titled What John McCain Can Learn From Omar Little

CNN Breaking News Text

I just got CNN Breaking News text:
SUV connected to Jennifer Hudson case found; medical examiner checking reports of child's body inside.
This is so sad.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick word About Obama's Ad Spending

CNN has reported that Obama's campaign is spending more money commercials than some corporations:
AT & T - $1.3 billion
Verizon - $950 million
Obama - $750 million
Honestly, I don't have a problem with this. Senator Obama HAD to spend the money to get his name out. We all know a year ago, few people knew who he was, so he needed to spend the money to get his message out.

Now, McCain doesn't have the money to do the same thing. Ummm, should I feel bad for him? Nope.

That is all.

Jennifer Hudson's Mother Found Dead


I just read on
Two bodies were found at the Chicago home owned by singer Jennifer Hudson. The first has been confirmed by multiple sources to be that of her mother, Darnell Donerson. is reporting the second body is that of Hudson's brother.
Prayers go out to Jennifer.

Source [Fox News, TMZ]

Fox News said it's over, so it's over, right?


John Moody, Executive VP of Fox News

John Moody, the executive vice president of Fox News (always fair and balanced!) was commenting in his blog this morning about the story of Ashley Tood, a McCain volunteer who claimed she was attacked by an Obama supporter (a black man - big surprise, huh). The post was titled Moment of Truth:
"this incident could become a watershed event in the 11 days before the election. If Ms. Todd's allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee.
If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain's quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting."
Wow! That's a strong statement to make, and more impressive that it came from a Fox News executive. [Read John Moody's Full Blog Post]

Ashley Todd taken away in hand cuffs by the Pittsburgh Police

Fast forward a couple hours, we find out the incident was  HOAX! (Wait, all news reports keep writing it was a hoax, I don't think that's the best word for it, we should all say it was a LIE. Yup, a lie. That will give everyone a better picture of what was done, not hoax, which may cause people think it was a joke. This ish ain't funny, especially this close to a presidential election.That means, McCain's quest for the presidency is over. Over... done... fini. I didn't say it, Fox News, McCain's biggest supporters said it.

With that point being made, I have to go back to his original logic. Why would this incident cause supporters to "suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee?" How can you link Obama with this random act of violence (which we know isn't true)? I guess it goes back to their strategy to link Obama to anything and everything negative. Whether he was 8 years old or if he was over 5,000 miles away?

These people are sad. 

Their campaign is sad. 

And with enough votes Obama can make us all happy again (even if it's only for one night).


Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Gets Rickrolled By Obama

There is a phenomena on the internet called "getting rickrolled".

You may have experienced this and did not know you were actually rickrolled. For those few who have avoided this annoying, yet funny happenstance, let me break it down for you.

Let's say you were looking for a video on YouTube, let's say you wanted to watch the infamous video Battle at Kruger National Park. You search and find a video, the video starts and suddenly 5 second in, the video cuts to the music video for Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up

Yup, you've just been rickrolled.

For some reason, people are labeling videos one thing but you end up watching Never Gonna Give You Up. Which is a great song, if I don't say so myself.

Anyway, someone made a GREAT video of McCain getting rickrolled by Obama. First, I can't even imagine how much time and effort it took to make this video, but well done! 

You gotta watch this video below!

Source [Gawker]

Your Block Sucks - No Mail For YOU!


The U.S. Post Office deemed a street block too dangerous to deliver postal mail.

This "dangerous" block hasn't receive mail in two weeks.

This is all incredibly funny to me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Obama Photos

Photographer Callie Shell posted photo she has taken from the campaign trail. View them here Callie Shell Digital Journalist.

Big Bird Singing at Jim Henson's Funeral

I have expressed my fondness for Jim Henson [Jim Henson I Still Love You] in a previous post. But today, Boing Boing posted a video of Big Bird singing at Jim Henson's funeral. Very sad.

Watch video below:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Vice President for Dummies – Fast Facts

Sarah Palin made the mistake of misunderestimating (yeah, I just made a Bushism!) the role of the Vice President. So today, I would like to list some quick facts and general information about the role of the United States Vice President. Basically a Dummies Guide to the Vice President!

Some of the founding fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin

Background – A Quick History Lesson
Originally the Electoral College (cause you can’t trust the people to elect the president) voted only for the President (they were allowed to vote for two candidates). The person with the most votes became President and the runner up would become the Vice President. Simple, huh?

Well, not really, because back in the good ol’ days, they didn’t have political parties. Can you imagine George Bush and Al Gore serving as President and Vice President? Actually that would be very funny, but not so good for the country. This actually happened in the Election of 1796 when John Adams (a Federalist) won the Presidency and Thomas Jefferson (a Democratic-Republican) won the Vice Presidency. Needless to say, it was a difficult working relationship (even though they were previously friends – watch HBO’s John Adams).

Yadda, yadda, yadda… in 1804, they adopted the 12th Amendment, which allowed the electors to have separate ballots and vote for president and vice president (no more runner up stuff).

That was a nice little history lesson, right? I wanted to make it quick, cause I know you don’t feel like reading a lot, but if you do - click on the links filtered throughout this blog entry.

Now the real deal about the Office of the Vice President

The Great Seal of the Vice President of the United States

VP Duties (very flexible, but generally)
  • Serve as acting president in the event of the president’s death, disability, or retirement (has happened 9 times)
  • Serve as president of the Senate and vote in the event of a tie (yeah, that’s all! the VP doesn’t control or have any effect on the Senate – so there Sarah Palin!)
  • Help determine if the president is unable to perform his duties because of illness (I’m sure this happens every morning, the VP will call the President and ask how he’s doing, “Is that a cough I hear sir? You know if you aren’t up to it, I’m ready to take over at  moments notice!”)
  • Serve as a diplomatic envoy and symbol for the U.S.; represent the US home and abroad (As Harry Truman said, “all I do is go to weddings and funerals.”)
  • Speak around the nation in support of the decisions and policies of the president 
  • Serve as a police advisor on the National Security Council and sit in on meetings with other advisory committees of the president 

  • Must be a natural-born citizen
  • Must be at least 35 years old
  • Must have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years
Money, Money, Money!
Salary & Benefits
  • $221,000/year, non-negotiable
  • $10,000/year for expenses relating to official duties (this may actually be higher)
  • Pension (for VP and VP Spouse) according to the cost of living (if they serve at least 5 years)
  • Free office space and mailing services
  • Use of Air Force Two, helicopters, limousines
  • Residence on the grounds of the Naval Academy
  • Free medical and dental care

Duration of Position
  • Serve for 4 years (can serve additional 4 years if President selects you)
  • Maximum of two full terms
  • In the event of the president’s death or resignation, VP can serve the rest of that term and may run for an additional two terms as President, but can only serve a TOTAL of NO more than 10 years

Interesting VP Stuff
Our First Vice President, John Adams
Former Vice President, Albert Gore

Former Vice President and President Gerald Ford
  • 2 VP’s were NEVER elected to office: Gerald Ford, he was nominated after Spiro Agnew resigned, then he became President after Nixon resigned, he basically became President without being elected! And Nelson Rockefeller, he was nominated after Ford became President
The Nobel Peace Prize
  • 3 VP’s won the Nobel Peace Prize: Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Gates Dawes and Al Gore

Additional Reading

Monday, October 20, 2008

RIP Rudy Ray Moore


Comedian, musician, singer, actor, film producer and all-around bad mutha****, Rudy Ray Moore died today of apparent complications due to diabetes. He is best known as the pimp in Dolemite, in case you didn’t know, “my name is Dolemite and fu*king up muthafu****s is my game.” – Classic!

Watch the trailer for Dolemite below (not for work viewing):

Source [Gawker]

Obama leaving campaign trail

Barack and his Grandmother during his High School Graduation

Barack Obama is leaving the campaign trail to fly to Hawaii to be with his sick Grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. This is sad news. I can imagine all the thoughts going through Obama’s mind, his Grandmother who raised him may be on her death bed, yet he has the Presidential Election in less than 16 days. Actually it’s not that hard of a decision, of course he’s going to be with his Grandmother and that’s exactly what I would do.

But the sad thing is when I heard the news all I could think of was, “how will the republican’s or McCain campaign use this against him?” They will probably say some ish like he’s not putting Country First! Oh hot damn, if they try to use this against him (clinching my fist), I’ll just have to increase my donations to Obama. 

Read the comments on The Huffington Post and see all the well wishes and prayers people are posting. 

Presidential Pardons


I was listening to the Fact or Fiction podcast (sponsored by and the topic was Presidential Pardons. It was a standard scripted podcast (if you subscribe to this podcast, you know exactly what I’m talking about), explaining the background of pardons, controversial pardons and then one person mused  who will President Bush pardon before he leaves office and that got me thinking… who will he pardon at the last hour?

Presidential Pardon Background
The United States Constitution grants the President the power to pardon for Federal crimes.
Article II, Section 2: shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

That means the President can grant pardons (conditionally or unconditionally), commute sentences (conditionally or unconditionally), remissions of fines and forfeitures, temporary pardons, and amnesty. Yeah, that’s major power. Just think about it, the President could technically wave his mighty pen and remove all your tax debt! 

Who Might President Bush Pardon?

Okay, I have no real idea, but since he already seems like he has spring fever (watch Bush tap dancing), I’m sure his staff is compiling a list of friends and associates to pardon at 12:59 on January 20, 2009.

Noteworthy Presidential Pardons

  • 1971, Jimmy Hoffa – President Nixon pardoned Hoffa (the Teamster Union President who served 15 years for jury tampering and fraud) on the condition he does “not engage in direct or indirect management of any labor organizations”.
  • 1974, Richard Nixon – President Ford pardoned the ex-president to end all the craziness after Watergate.
  • 1977, Vietnam Draft Dodgers – President Carter followed through with his campaign promise on his first day as President to pardon all those who avoided serving in the Vietnam war by leaving the country or not registering for the draft.
  • Arthur O’Bryan – President Abraham Lincoln pardon Mr. O’Bryan who was convicted on attempted bestiality. The pardon was granted because Lincoln felt the man lived an exemplary life and was drunk at the time of the offense.
  • Brigham Young – President James Buchanan pardoned Mr. Young for his involvement in the Utah War.
  • Marcus Garvey – President Calvin Coolidge pardoned Marcus Garvey who was convicted of mail fraud, on the condition he was deported.
  • Roger Clinton, Jr. – President Bill Clinton pardoned his brother who was convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Want a Presidential Pardon?
All you gotta do is write to Department of Justice and plead your case. Okay, I’m sure it’s more involved than that, but at least that’s what their website says. Oh yeah, I hear it’s easier to get a pardon if you ALREADY served your sentence and just want your record wiped cleaned and it’s for Federal Convictions Only. Oh yeah, it's at least a 5 year waiting period.

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