Monday, January 26, 2009

I Heart Susan Rice [Changing the World]

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (right) meets with Susan Rice, new Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations.

There is something about Susan Rice I love.

She has the air of someone I know. She reminds me of a girl from around the way (meaning: she's from the neighborhood). She seems like the kind of woman who doesn't take any mess. When you were young, you always knew girls like Susan were going to be "somebody." And I guess, that's why I like her.

Personally, I think she would have made a great Secretary of State, but hey I'm over it (sort of).

Susan Rice speaking outside the UN Security Council Chamber

Anyway, today, Susan Rice, the new Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations, gave her first brief to the media outside the UN Security Council Chamber (above photo).

A photo of Susan Rice from the HBO documentary, The Black List, Vol. 1

Susan was also in the HBO documentary The Black List, Vol 1, where she discussed "being black enough," here is a quote from the documentary:
"I just get pissed off at that old school mentality that says, 'Well, somebody's got a white mother or a white father and they ain't black enough,' or, 'They went to Harvard, so they can't be really down.' When we gonna get past that? It's old thinking to assume that what's good for African-Americans is the opposite of what's good for white folks. Why do we have to have that zero sum mentality at this point? Why can't we all get better healthcare and better education? I'm an optimist. And so when I get angry, it's easy for me to channel it into just doing more and doing it harder and trying to do it better."
See what I'm talking about!? God, I love her! (Full disclosure -her husband is white and Obama is her main man, so I'm sure this issue is close to her heart)

Watch Mrs. Rice discuss Darfur to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing:

That's right Susan - go head and CHANGE the WORLD!


  1. I SO agree w/you about Dr. Susan Rice! She is somehow familiar,yet respectable,at the same time. So articulate,so droll,& yes,so Cute,all at the same time! Not an easy combo to pull off,but she does it with ease. She gets a lot of heat for being somehow partially responsible for any/all of Pres. Bill Clinton's problems w/Al Qaeda in Somalia during the late 90's...but she is no lapdog,like Condi,she is her own woman w/her own viewpoints & I expect that the U.S. prestige will go wayyy up over@the United Nations! I also agree that she would've been a great Secretary of State...but Hillary had to get some kinda props for her showing in the Prez Race,so that's D.C. politics! Thanks for your insights & refreshing intelligence. Respect,{Gordon}

  2. Thanks for the comment Gordon. Yes, Dr. Rice is wonderful and I can't wait for all the changes she will bring to the UN by representing the United States. And you are right, she has it all and that's very hard to do. These are exciting times and I'm happy I get to watch it all happen!


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