Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crying Men [Sam Taylor-Wood]

British artist Sam Taylor-Wood published a book of photographs titled Crying Men in 2004.

The book displays photographs of actors crying and it's beautiful! There is something so striking seeing a man vulnerable and crying.

Taylor-Wood explains, "Some of the men cried before I even finished loading the camera, but others found it really difficult. People can decide for themselves which they think are the authentic tears and which they think are fake. It's about the idea of taking these big, masculine men and showing a different side."

I wanted to purchase the book but it's out of print at amazon and the sellers are asking for $163 - $322 (a bit too rich for my blood, right now). So I'm going to do some more research to get my hands on the actual book (if you have any leads, please let me know). It's going to look lovely on my coffee table!

Here are a couple photos I found on the net:

View more photos at my piscasa web album.

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  1. a limited edition copy of the book is being auctioned at Bonhams knightsbridge on Wednesday (30/06/2010) in their "21" auction at 1pm.

  2. godd sooo not cute :9 eww old men crying...

    1. u fucking loser, son of a bitch


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