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Harry and Draco - My Favorite Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories

Let’s get a couple things out of the way, a couple definitions:

Fan Fiction/FF = stories written by fans of published work (books, movies, TV shows, comics, etc.) which use the characters, the universe, or anything related to the original work.

H/D or HP/DM = Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy (yes, that means two guys, as in GAY)

MPreg = male pregnancy (I’m not a fan of this type of writing unless it is used wisely)

Shipping/Shipper = means a relationship (i.e. I’m a Harry and Draco shipper)

Slash = romantic relationships between characters of the same sex

WIP = work in progress (an unfinished story)

Okay, so I’m a huge Harry/Draco shipper. I don’t know how this preference started, I originally started reading “general” Harry Potter fan fiction, but found I enjoyed the stories which paired the two more interesting than anything else, so I stopped reading stories about other characters in the Harry Potter universe. 

If you are new to fan fiction and Harry Potter fan fiction in particular you may ask, “Why Harry and Draco?” Well that’s kind of hard to explain. I guess many fans feel like J.K. Rowling hinted about an unspoken love between the two (yeah, I know this is kind of far fetched, but damnit, it’s a story about wizards, what else can be far-fetched). 

Anyway… don’t think too hard about the “hows” and “whys” - just think about the why nots?

Below I will list my favorite Harry/Draco stories, which focus on the relation between the guys. If dude + dude grosses you out or something, don’t bother reading the rest of the post. But let me say, even if these stories were written about Harry and Herminone or Ginny (oh, I hate Ginny so much… anyway, I digress) they would still be wonderful, seriously. Also, these reviews were written rather hastily so bare with me.

WARNING: All stories are rated Mature (don’t take that lightly) and most are novel length

Double Edged Sword by romaine
Author Summary: Harry thinks his life has been planned out, but the night he comes of age changes everything. Now there are decisions to be made and a path to be chosen, and the choices before him will change the lives of everyone he knows. But when destiny calls, Harry finds himself ready to listen. This is an epic story of the love between Harry and Draco. Join them as they journey through their life together, through the good times and the bad, facing obstacles both external and internal, and see how they come to be who they were meant to be.
Without a doubt this is my favorite H/D story. This story is epic, as it follows Harry and Draco “through their life together, through the good times and the bad, facing obstacles both external and internal, and see how they come to be who they were meant to be.”

This story literally made me run the gambit of emotions: I laughed, I cringed, felt so sad and read with bated breath. It truly takes you on a full relationship journey. 

I would encourage you to stick with the story because it pays off in the end. I don’t want to give too much away, but the author takes the story in directions I couldn’t anticipate and thoroughly enjoyed.

Author summary: Draco is the bitchy gay wizard version of Bridget Jones. And he has a huge crush on a certain Boy Wonder...
The funniest Harry/Draco story I’ve ever read. Seriously. Just the title was enough to encourage me to read it. If you want to ease into the Harry/Draco world, this is fun and easy story to start with. I literally laughed out loud many times while reading “Draco’s diary”. I’m just waiting for part two, “Draco Malfoy: The Edge of Reason”.

A Love So Belated and the sequel A Heart So Ravenous by slashpervert
Author Summary: Harry returns Draco’s wand to him, and is surprised to find that an unlikely friendship develops between them. He isn’t prepared for the desire that grows as he gets to know the other man. Nor is anyone else in either of their lives.

Sequel to A Love So Belated. Draco and Harry continue to recover from past ordeals as they work on building their lives together. Draco tries to find a way to please both his parents and his lover, but with dangerous consequences. Will their love survive what he has done?
This was the first FF I’ve read written by a male. So I assume he had a unique insight on the more, umm, how should I say, relationship aspects of the story (wink, wink, nod, nod). 

A Love so Belated begins with Harry returning Draco’s wand after the demise of Voldermort. This meeting sparked a friendship and eventually a relationship between the two. Even though Harry is still dating Ginny, he eventually comes to terms with his feelings for Draco and well, the rest is history.

In A Heart So Ravenous, Harry and Draco are still together but have to “continue to recover from past ordeals as they work on building their lives together.” Warning, this story has some MPREG, but don’t let that cause you not to read it. Personally, I don’t like MPREG stories, but the author wrote it in a tasteful way that is very important to the plot. Seriously, give this story a try I’m sure you’ll like it.

Reedeem Me by Samayel
Author Summary: Two years after the events of Harry's sixth year at Hogwart's, Draco stumbles back into his life. Harry is a bitter and vengeful young man, Draco is a walking wreck...and who is helping who?
I enjoyed this story but I gotta say it’s not for the faint at heart. Harry is pretty dark, meaning he isn’t afraid of using the killing curse and Draco is dealing with some painful trauma. I’m usually not a fan of “dark and evil” Harry, which he isn’t (not really in this story) but it all pays off in the end.

Changing of the Guard by Lomonaaern 
Author Summary: Need a perfect stranger? Come to Metamorphosis. Harry Potter runs the business secretly and becomes whoever's needed for each occasion. Now he's posing as Draco Malfoy's "perfect" boyfriend, Brian. 
Imagine Harry Potter as a gigolo. Wait, maybe not… anyway this was an interesting and still sticks out in my head as being rather good.

Losing Harry – by ScorpioPhoenix 
Author Summary: Summary: Ron and Draco are both in love with Harry and fight for his affection. It's been ten years since the days of Grimmauld Place and the war and these two men have yet to deal with the fact that they both lost Harry. 
I’m not a crier, but damnit this story had my eyes misting a bit. It’s a one chapter story but it is filled with so much emotion that it’s just wonderful. Now, it does involve Ron, which was a little weird for me to come to terms with (Ron and Harry are a no-no in my book) but the author tells such a lovely story that I was sucked in. This is a great story to read during your lunch hour at work (I’m just saying…)

Love Always, Draco by Newshound 
Author Summary: Even though it’s been four years since Harry and Draco parted ways, when Harry’s career takes a nosedive, he turns to his past for help. Harry and Draco join forces on a project both hope will reinvigorate their lives, and a journey into the secret world of Quidditch, becomes the path to renewed love.
Imagine Harry as quidditch star and Draco as his jealous husband. Yeah, you can imagine the drama this situation would create. That’s why they are divorced! Ha! Anyway, this is a nice story about how their love can conquer all.

Broken Toy by eyesemerald 
Author Summary: After the war Harry’s not the same as he used to be. He has chosen the life of a recluse, although he is still famous, highly respected in the wizarding world, and honoured by the Ministry. His well-ordered life will be shaken by a reunion. Life will never be the same as before… 
Not to be crude but this is a “Harry saves a hoe” story (and Draco is the hoe). But don’t let that fool you; it’s a rather charming story.

Author Summary: What would you do if you were given less than a year to live?
When I think about this story all I can say is “awwww”. After saving the wizarding world Harry ends up with a incurable brain tumor and only has one year to live (pull out the tissues now). This was such a wonderfully nice story.

Author Summary: Draco sees something that shatters his perceptions of truth and it starts him on a different path. Harry loses his lover to the dark but finds friendship and possibly more in the arms of his enemy. 
This is another story which I can only say, “awww” about. Draco realizes all the nonsense his father raised him to believe is wrong and comes over to the light. He also discovers his love of Harry and fights to get the man he loves. This story throws you into the smut immediately so be warned, but it does become a charming little tale.

Some Dangerous Liaisons by ScorpioPhoenix 
Author Summary: A deliciously devious dalliance in deceit, Draco, drugs and Dark magic. Drama darkens the halls of Hogwarts as lies and deception take over our fav Gryffindor and his friends.
First, this is the CRAZIEST story I’ve ever read. The stuff going on in this story is so “out there” that sometimes you will ask yourself, “why am I reading this craziness” but then it’s too late because you’re already addicted. 

Not for the faint of heart (seriously), there is a lot of sex and I’m talking about EVERYBODY is hooking up with everyone (even Snape, which is gross)! It’s just crazy but I couldn’t stop reading. The only sad part is this is a WIP story.

Spell Master by babychan 
Author Summary: The wizarding world is going to find out that Harry Potter is not the only one with awesome powers. Its a Pro-Slytherin and Pro-Draco fic.
I would say this story is good for the mere fact it discusses the other side of the story, we see Hogwarts from the Slytherin side. Sadly, it’s a WIP story!

Honorable Mentions

Memories of a Serpent’s Son by Daft Fear - Everyone knows how Harry feels about the world, but who knows what Draco really thinks? Review of the books from Draco's POV, as told in his journal. 

All I Ever Wanted by Samayel - A drunken night of revelry unlocks hidden feelings and desires, pushing Harry and Draco into a relationship that will sustain them in the face of schemes, plots, the deaths of loved one and the mayhem of war.

Into the Light of the Dark Black Night by shanfawn16 - Draco's world is turned upside down after his sixth year at Hogwarts. Where will he go and who will he turn to now?

Bed of Nails by Alysian_Fields - Harry and Draco return to school for their sixth year, their lives drastically changed for the worse. However, they begin to see each other in a whole new light. Featuring a very angst-ridden Harry who's acting out and a very repressed Draco who doesn't know what he wants.

Getting Down to Business by Alaana Fair - When an anonymous man from France hires Harry to protect him while visiting Britain, Harry gets the shock of a lifetime. 

He Was He and I Wash Bunny by Bryoney Brynn - The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys? 

The Azkaban Letters by romaine - Harry and Draco’s lives are headed into two different directions. One is destined for death or glory, while the other is probably going to Azkaban. Harry needs answers and he goes to visit his Slytherin nemesis while being held for trial. The meetings in a barren, white cell changes Harry’s life. 

Wandless by lyiint - Draco decides to run away from all his problems, but encounters new ones instead. What does a Death Eater's son have to prove to be accepted by the side of the light...and Harry Potter; can two enemies really form the bond needed to defeat He-Who-Can't-Be-Named?

Blue-eyed Angel and sequel Fallen Angel by RaineMalfoy - This isn’t H/D but it’s a nice, if not  terrible sad at times, story about Draco (he’s paired with Ginny).

Thirteen years after the Dark Lord was vanquished, Draco Malfoy is out of Azkaban, wandless, practically destitute and physically afflicted from his trespasses against Voldemort. Who should chance by and save this shell of a man from the ice he has become, but a fiery redhead from his dark past.

I hope you enjoyed the list! If you have any H/D recommendations please leave a comment!


  1. Hey Camille!
    I'm a harry/draco shipper too! I'm adding your site to my growing list of stories to read and sites to visit for references. However I did notice you were lacking some of my favorite stories. I hope you don't mind what I'm doing, but I simply MUST send you links to my favorites.

    The Bound Prince Series

    This is by far my favorite of them all. I noticed you have a story by the same author, slashpervert. He's amazing and this story also has A LOT of sex. Draco is bound to Harry and must have sex with him to stay alive. It's novel length so it will take you quite a while to read.

    Gold Tinted Spectacles

    Now this author, Beren, is amazing! So far, every story I've read by her is note worthy, but Gold Tinted Spectacles is by far the best! This story is pretty long, but not as epic lenght as The Bound Prince Series.

    Gay Aurors
    This story by charlottesometimes is insanely hilarious, but also romantic. There were plenty of times where I was dying laughing in public and getting funny looks from people. If you like ninjas and pirates, this is also a great story as it incorporates the life-long battle between the two.

    Let me know what you think if you ever get around to reading these. I'm going to start reading some of your's now. :)


  2. @Heather Kaleigh thanks for your comment!

    You know I did start the "The Bound Prince Series" but after the first story I didn't care for the others. I know slashpervert likes to add A LOT of sex in his stories but it just got to be a bit ridiculous and I felt it wasn't enhancing the story (believe me I'm NOT a prude or anything) so I stopped reading them. But the first story in the series was rather good.

    You know "Gay Aurors" has been on my "to-be-read" list for a while... I mean, the title alone makes you want to read it, right? I'll move that one to the top of my list.

    I never heard of "Gold Tinted Spectacles" so I will certainly check that out.

    If you have more recommendations please send them my way! By they way - I enjoy read long (novel, epic length) stories...

  3. Gold Tinted Spectacles is novel length and so is Gay Aurors. GTS is by one of my all time favorite authors, Beren. Everything she writes is fantastic. She has three novel length stories that I love. GTS, Angels and Devils (fantastic!) and the Corruption Series. Corruption, Distortion and Alteration i believe are the stories in the series. Corruption is the only one thats only one chapter. I'm working my way down your list now. So far I've read Some Dangerous Liasions, Losing Harry (so sad. I cried a bit), A Love So Belated (I just finished it a few minutes ago and I'm starting on A Heart So Ravenous) and The Secret of Diary of Draco Malfoy.

    I personally love the sex and the novel like stories and love that slashpervert finds some way to put a lot of sex into the story. Bound Prince does have a lot of sex but its one of my favorites for the story line too. I saw you dont like mpreg so you were probably better off not reading BP. I write sex stories in my free time so thats really what I'm in for.

  4. if you want to read an extremely well written, epic slashfic, go to and click on harry potter fanfiction. this author completely rewrote the seven books in an au and it is simply amazing. i read the story as avidly as i read the origional harry potter books.

  5. @Anonymous thanks for the link... I never heard of and will certainly search for more Harry/Draco fanfiction! Thanks again!

  6. I read a couple of these fan-fictions and they are great! but for some reason i can get onto the other websites? I am of age so it shouldn't be a problem but i cant figure out how to work the siver snitch site???
    if you could help that would be great. A lot of these stories seem really good and i would like to read them.

  7. @Anonymous sorry you are having trouble with the silver snitch site. What seems to be the problem. What error message do you receieve?

    Once you click on one of my links you will see a page which says "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good..." and then you click the link "Continue". That will bring you to a page with all the chapters and you can click on a chapter title to begin reading.

    I hope this helps. If not, feel free to email me camille.flaunt[at]gmail[dot]com.

  8. Hello Camille, I really enjoyed looking through your list. I began reading fanfiction in 2004 and I've grown up with it. Sadly I haven't been dedicating as much time to it in the past few years due to real life demands but I still have a massive backlist of fics which have stayed with me, and now I need to draw some recognition to! I'm going to make a few recommendations which I think (hope) you'll be open to and hopefully love.

    I just wanted to say that, for me, the thing which got me onto Harry/Draco despite not being an overtly H/D slash fic is the epic and beautiful 'Draco' series by Cassandra Claire; including Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister and Draco Veritas. This is a truly infamous fic which is scarcely available online anymore sadly for the HP world; copies have to be downloaded. You may not want to pursue it that far but I just wanted to briefly express my love for it, in that it was this which got me into fanfiction and Harry/Draco slash, and it remains one of the first, enduring original fanfics.

    I noticed you have read one or two (?) fics by SilentAuror, who you can find at This is my favourite author although I have many favourite fics. My favourite of hers is Walking the Line. I can't even express how much passion she seems to squeeze into everything, I worship this lady, please do read it :)

    Another highly memorable and epic fic is The Shadow of his Wings by Mirabella which I enjoyed intensely, though tragically it remains incomplete and simply drops off after 21 chapters. If the lack of resolution bothers you then avoid it but I can't push enough how much this gem deserves reading.

    As for the rest, what I think of as H/D classics are a bit oldschool now, most were written around OotP time, but alot of them went a long way to determine the kinds of fiction that was to follow; such as the list of the 25 most widely read H/D fanfics in fandom which can be found here:, a few of which I noiced you've already read :)

    Sorry if this seems a bit rambly, I got a bit of a buzz off your excitement over fanfiction and it made me feel quite nostalgic, I hope you continue to love it and enjoy it and thankyou for letting me share!

  9. @indrina Thank you for your comment! I love meeting other H/D fanfiction lovers (they are hard to come by). Thank you (a million times) for the link to the "H/D Classics"... now I have my reading lists all planned for the next couple months!

    Also I'm going to read all the stories you mentioned. I waste so much time searching for my next H/D fix that I get frustrated, there are a lot of crap stories out there but I guess it's worth it when you come across real gems. You know what I mean?

    By the way, I friended you on livejournal :-) I only use LJ to document my Harry/Draco fascination.

  10. HarryXDraco?!?! HarryXRon?!?! I'm sorry, no offense intended, this is just my opinion, and I have no means of hurting your feelings or ruining your ego whatsoever, but you seem like a big sicko, only liking gay couples. (I'm very sorry if that hurt your ego/feelings) I mean really, do you like any normal couples? I'm sure you do, just, please tell me if you do. Thanks so much, and, please, PLEASE don't take any of this personally. (You seem really cool for everything else though!)

    1. @Anon - You called her a "big sicko" and then said "don't take it personally, though, uhuh-uhuh". Well, I think you're freaking stupid but, y'know, no offense or anything! :)

  11. @Anonymous Thanks for your comment and no my feelings weren't hurt, thanks for your concern though.

    And yes, I do like ALL couples, and that includes gay couples.

    I understand everyone has their preference and I tried to place a big warning at the beginning of the post explaining the types of fanfiction I'll review (slash).

    The Harry/Draco stories I list above are rather quite good, but if slash isn't your thing, please don't click on any of the links. You can find some really good fanfiction stories here: where you can select the couples you wish to read about.

  12. i have visited to this site and found to get the interested love stories and found to get the informative story.

  13. You say you like recommendations? Well, I've got recommendations^^

    I've found White Horses by Jackie Stevens to be one of the most amazing H/D story I've ever read, though you definitely want tissues for the end. Stigmata by InferiorBeing on is also a fantastic read, though Harry is VERY Dark in that story. Black Truth, which I have discovered is also by InferiorBeing, is a FANTABULOUS story (IMO^^) and tackles the concept of magic amazingly, and actually gives depth to the Dark Side, tho you still want to turn Voldemort into a pile of Swiss cheese... Paws of Fury, by Veritas03 on The Hex Files, is a kitty!Harry fic, but it's so AW you kinda can't stop reading it. The Fortunate Fall, by Lomonaaeren, is a cute, touching read as well, though it is a very LONG one-shot. Bond, by Anna Fugazzi on, is confusing but awesome. Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn (one fic) by Wemyss on fictionalley is a rich, amazing read with the most frustrating ending I've ever discovered, but it's cute too^^ Beneath You, Beautiful World, and Windfallen by Cinnamon on Fiction Alley are all beautiful stories, though Beautiful World and Windfallen will probably leave you in tears. A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing by mahaliem is cute and fiesty at the same time. Ab Epistulis by autumn lecroix on skyhawke is a fantastic post-war AU-epilogue read, though I personally was left a little 'say wha..?' on the ending, simply because I thought the plot wasn't..quite..together enough. IDK, lolz. What Separates Us by Amy on The Bunny Farm is also good, but it's also a dark!fic, tho not a Dark!Harry fic (not enough of those to go around, apparently...)

    If you feel like reading a good crack!fic one-shot, read The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortionism by Mirabella or Ooh Something Shiny by Cinnamon. Mira's fic contains a rather detailed *slightly-slightly-confusing-whose-fingers-are-where* threesome sex scene, and Cinna's fic contains Mop-cuddling^^

    I also have a question^^ Um, I read a fic once, and I /swear/ I fav'd it, but now it's gone^^ It was a H/D fic, I think, but Harry had a twin-bond with Ginny and another bond caused by a sharing of memories with Snape. It might also have starred Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel, or that could be a TOTALLY different story^^ If you happen to know what it is, please let me know so I can shoot myself in the foot properly, thank you^^

  14. Wow, what a list.

    I have some recs too. Try 'Bond' by Anna Fugazzi. That was literally the first H/D fanfic I ever read and I thought it was amazing.

    Just one question. I need to know, does 'Double Edged Sword' have a happy ending? I just wouldn't be able to read it if it didn't...

    Also, I think the only other differences we have in taste would be Snape. I'm a huge Snupin fan and you should really try it. They're actually really nice together. Try reading 'Untouched' by chivalric. This is one of my favourites and its the one that made me believe that it was actually possible.

  15. Wow. That is some list - I've read a couple but there are some on there that have definately caught my eye. Thanks.

    I'm a massive Draco/Harry fan and adore a Dark and Powerful Harry (figures I'd have a thing for Bad Boys) - and am bummed that there are so few Dark!Harry stories around. :(

    I do have a account, which has a favourite list where I keep some of my favourites from that site, and there are a lot of HP ones - including some other pairings. :) If anyone is interested just type 'Sasse1892' into the sites search box and it should show up, if that doesn't work... Google. :p

    There is also the Draco/Harry stories by Jennavere on Skyehawke - they are awesome and I loooove them so much, a few are incomplete, but the 'Dragon Tamer' (pretty sure thats the name) is completed at Fictionalley.

    Also I loved 'Bored' by Vorabiza on Skyehawke - basically Harry tells a story, erm, an r-rated story. ;) (I searched high and low for this, went through hundreds of pages at variuos sites before finding it).

    And 'Somnio Salvus' by Invisibabe at Fictionalley - very cute and fluffy.

    And 'Harry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition' by Mirabella - an awesome Vampire!Harry fic (my first ever!)

    Oh! And check out the 'Darkest Magic' site - has a large collection of stories, including parselsmut. Mmmm... I love it almost as much as Dark-Mark licking. :p Just google Darkest Magic Fanfic rec list or something along those lines. :)

    Dark-Mark licking, (not that theres a ridiculous amount) I found in a story on by bsmog - and I loved it. :) Brilliant story.

    I could do this forever but... I have fics to read, so thanks for the pointers and hope you enjoy the suggestions - if you read any that is. ;) lol.

  16. Just so you know, Slashpervert is female...

    I've read quite a few of these! There are some really good recommendations. At the moment I am reading some fics by 'Lomonaaeren'-
    My favourite of hers has to be Changing of the guard or A potion named desire (the first from the series- Intellectual love affair)... actually, I love all of her stuff! <3 <3

  17. MWahahaha. i hit the jackpot.

    lol sorry but im a huge h/d shipper and you have so many recommendations and i've read alot of them so i'll lock myself in my room and check out the rest xD

    also i love lomonaaeren and i noticed you mentioned them. I'm reading changing of the guard at the moment but i loved her fic a reckless frame of mind which has harry suffering from a curse in the mental ward and draco the only one willing to help him

  18. I see people have mentioned Bond.

    Have you read Seeker to Seeker by BaronNomaw, or Starts With a Spin by Maxine?

  19. Thanks for ALL the new recs!!! I haven't read any Harry/Draco slash in a loooong time, which I think is good. My 8 months absence will only make me fall in love with this pair again.

  20. I hope someone can help me. In the past I've read some HP/DM stories that I would love to re-read, but can't remember what they were. In the 1st one, Draco finds out he's going to be "given" to the dark lord and goes to Harry to ask if he will bond with him to save him from voldemort. In the 2nd one, as Harry approaches his 17th birthday, the glamour that his mother put on him starts to wear off, and he discovers Snape is actually his father. If anyone can tell me the names of these, I will be forever in your debt.

    1. Ok, after hours of searching I found the 2nd one myself. It is called "Malfoy Flavor" by Vorabiza. I'm still looking for the 1st one, though. Draco researches bonding spells and goes to Harry's house (I believe Snape goes with him) - when they bond, the magic is so strong that Snape has to take them from the house immediately. Any ideas???

    2. Man that story sounds SOOOO familiar. I have to do a little search, but I'm pretty sure I read that story.

    3. I meant, "I have to do a little research" ;-)

    4. Thank you so much for trying. I'm still looking, but I think I've just about exhausted every drarry website there is. I just wonder if it was something on the Silver Snitch website and it just hasn't been posted anywhere else yet.

    5. I found it!! After days and hours of searching I finally found it. It is called "Bound" by Draeconin Istraith. I feel so much better, now. (On the plus side, if anyone else is looking for a fic that they have lost, just let me know - I think I have read the summary of every harry/draco fic out there and I have saved tons of sites)

  21. I'm seriously bored with my life this summer and contemplated in re-reading HP/DM slashfic novels. It's worth it. I miss these novels. I still can't get over the fact that the cannon books are done but I have all these novels to keep me entertained forever. Hopefully, the stories won't stop. :) My favorite would forever be Tempus Fugit, read it 6 years ago more than a few times and it's still amazing! :)

  22. Have you read "Secrets" and the"Foundations" series in thehexfiles? You should try them out. Also try out Oathbreaker series in fan by GobliccatKC.

    I adore you selection and interestingly most of these feature on my list too!


  23. "Mother knows best" by Nefarious61 is really good( ) .And "Keeping up with the Malfoys" by Vendelin,too ( )
    Enjoy and thank you for your fic advice :)

  24. Redeem Me by Samayel has been my favorite so far for sure. I really like post war darkfics so if anyone has recs let me know! Great list btw Camille. Its a better option next to blindly googling for a good fanfic.

  25. Hi there,

    Some great recs!

    I just wanted to say, Slashpervert is definitely female. I'm friends with her on Facebook lol.

    Some other great recs- Left My Heart (and its sequel) by Emma Grant, Reparations and Foundations by Saras Girl, Secrets by Vorabiza, Checkmate by Naadi, TURN by Saras Girl, Eclipse by Mijan. They're all phenomenal stories.

  26. It time to review your list. Some web site have died and the links fail.

    I offer one new one -- "Draco Trumps Harry" at

    Using a different approach, Draco is successful.



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