Friday, January 30, 2009

"Food Glorious Food" [I Can't stop starring at this photo]


I found this photo over at Lifehacker and could not stop starring. This is a Superbowl party I want to attend. Man I am so hungry right now, let me run to the corner Chinese store, right quick. Peace!

That is all.

Source [Lifehacker]

Would you still do whatever you're doing if Barack Obama was watching? [The Internet]


Someone sent me this link -

Yeah, it's nothing. Nothing at all.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The little annoyances. [Allow FULL content in your blog feed]

You know what bothers me? When bloggers don’t allow their full content to display in the blog feed (Google reader).

It’s so frustrating! I’m at work and first off, I will admit, I shouldn’t necessarily be reading blogs, but hey, we all get a couple moments of downtime.

I’ll skim all the blogs in my reader and someone will have an exciting and enticing title but then only two lines of the actual post! They are forcing me to actually go to their website to read. Ugh!

Now, I understand everyone wants more website hits/visitors, but come on. In the spirit of blogging, allow your Blog Feeds to show the FULL content of your post. Think of all the bored and lonely workers who need to past time by reading your blog. We can’t have all these random websites stored in our work computer history! 

I’m just saying.

Of course, if something looks interesting I will go to their website and read the whole post or I will save as "unread" and check it out once I get home. It's only a little annoyance but if someone reads this and actually switches to allow full posts, I think I've done my part.

Oh! the joy of finding old friends [Smell My Feet]

Today a friend from elementary school be-friended me on facebook. This is how we got reacquainted.
Friend: Wow - long time ! I haven't seen you since 1993. How have you been ? Do you have any kids ? Do you still talk to any Morrison people ?

Me: 1993? Wow, 16 years! Can you believe we are all turning 30 this year? Anyway, I've been great. I don't have kids and haven't been in contact with that many Morrison people. But through the magic of facebook I have be-friended a couple. Do you remember Long and Neetu? 

Friend: I still have my morrison yearbook that you wrote in - you wrote "smell my feet ". :) you were always so silly !

Me: LOL! I really wrote "smell my feet"! Hahahahaha, geez I was so silly, sadly much hasn't changed in 16 years! I would love to see that year book again.
Great googly moogly! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I actually wrote "smell my feet" in a friends year book when I was 12 years old!

I just wanted to share how silly I was at 12.

Father Michael Pfleger [My Favorite Election Character]


A photo of Father Michael Pfleger

When the youTube video of Roman Catholic priest Michael Pfleger came out during the 2008 campaign I never laughed so hard. Man, he should be a comedian. Now, at the time I was upset (but still laughing) because I didn't want anyone stopping Obama's chance at becoming President, even if I totally agreed with their sentiment.

Now Obama is President and I feel enough time has passed for me to bring back this oldie but goodie. 

Father Pfleger said with amazing comedic timing:
"I really believe that she just always thought, 'This is mine. I'm Bill's wife. I'm white, and this is mine. I just gotta get up and step into the plate.' Then out of nowhere came, 'Hey, I'm Barack Obama,' and she said, 'Oh, damn! Where did you come from? I'm white! I'm entitled! There's a black man stealing my show!'"
Lawdy, priest like this might actually get my butt back into church! Oh man, I love this video so much! Watch it below:

Now after the video was released on the internet, Father Pfleger did issue this statement:
"I regret the words I chose Sunday. These words are inconsistent with Sen. Obama's life and message, and I am deeply sorry if they offended Sen. Clinton or anyone else who saw them."
Yeah, he had to do it... anyway, this is all in the past. I just find the video ridiculously funny. But seriously, check out Father Pfleger's wikipedia page, this guy is truly a good person and deeply cares for the disadvantaged.

The Year of the Ox [What animal are you?]


We just celebrated the Chinese New Year!

Actually I'm a little late with my new year greetings. The Chinese New Year was January 26th but still HAPPY NEW YEAR

This is the year of the Ox! The Ox is suppose to be a sign of prosperity through hard work. Exactly what we need right about now. 

The Ox!

Just so you know, here are a couple things you should not do during Chinese New Year, which will give you bad luck:
  • Buying a pair of shoes is considered bad luck amongst some Chinese. The character for "shoe" (鞋) is a homophone for the character 諧/谐, which means "rough" in Cantonese; in Mandarin it is also a homophone for the character for "evil" (邪).
  • Getting a hair-cut in the first lunar month puts a curse on maternal uncles. Therefore, people get a hair-cut before the New Year's Eve.
  • Washing your hair is also considered to be washing away one's own luck (although modern hygienic concerns take precedence over this tradition)
  • Talking about death is inappropriate for the first few days of Chinese New Year, as it is considered inauspicious.
  • Foul language is inappropriate during the Chinese New Year.
  • One should never buy a clock for someone or for oneself because a clock in Chinese tradition means one's life is limited or "the end," which is also forbidden.

President Barack Obama released a statement on the white house website commemorating the new year:
"I send my warmest wishes to people across Asia, in America, and indeed around the world who are celebrating the Lunar New Year and welcoming the Year of the Ox. As they gather with their families and celebrate over meals, they welcome new beginnings and honor the enduring wisdom of their ancestors.

"From the lion dances in San Francisco to festivals in Atlanta and parades in New York City and Washington, D.C., Americans of Asian descent carry on the vibrant traditions of their forefathers and enrich America's cultural diversity. I wish all those celebrating the New Year to be blessed with peace, prosperity, and good health." 
By the way, I'm a Sheep. [Find your animal here]

Are you down with Etsy [Good Finds]

I'm on the internet constantly, but some stuff still takes a while to reach my orbit. Well I finally found the wonderfulness of Etsy!

The Etsy logo

Etsy is a website which allows the general public to buy and sell handmade items. It's different from eBay because all the stuff is homemade. It's like going to a virtual craft fair. And there are many creative people out there.

I will occasionally post some cool stuff I find on etsy. 

Today I found the cutest tissue box covers! They are made by yokomono. These tissue boxes are creative and come in cool modern designs.

These boxes range from $20 - $23. They would make wonderful gifts!

Loved Michelle Obama's Inaugural Dress? [Get Your Own!]

The Budget Fashionista found a site where you can purchase your own Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Knock Off Dress! Yup, you too can look as beautiful as Michelle (you gotta find your own Barack Obama).

The dress can be pre-order from eDressMe for only $320!

It doesn't (of course) have all the detail work as Michelle's dress, if it did I'm sure it would be more than $320 bucks! But it's close enough.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Krugman has a good point [darn-it!]

Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist, columnist and intellectual (wikipedia said that) just made a very good point on his blog:
The House has passed the stimulus bill with not a single Republican vote.

Aren’t you glad that Obama watered it down and added ineffective tax cuts, so as to win bipartisan support?
Darn you Krugman {fist in the air}!

He's totally right. Obama should have just did whatever the hell he wanted. They weren't go to vote for it anyway, so you should have put in all the provisions you wanted. Geez, hind-sight, freakin' hind-sight!

Yulia Tymoshenko [Look at that Hair!]

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko speaks to the media after the signing of a gas deal in Moscow, Russia, Monday, Jan. 19, 2009

Yulia Tymoshenko is the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Yeah, I didn't know either. She is known for her braided blond hair, fiery speeches and designer outfits (she got wealthy as a gas industry businesswoman). She was given the nickname "princess" by supporters. She's 45 years old and was born in the Russian-speaking east part of the Ukraine. She was trained as an engineer and economist...

Yadda, yadda, yadda... but the thing I like about her is her HAIR and STYLE!

Look at her! She's a modern day Princess Leia.

Look at her style. This woman is fierce!

I've looked at many photos of her and can't find one where she is not on point! And her personal website has MANY photos for you to click through.

I just wanted to share this "random" European leader with you. She only caught my attention because of her hair and style. I have NO idea what her politics are or what she stands for. I just love her hair and clothes! 

Score 1 for Obama, 0 for the Man [Wait, he is the Man]

The House passed President Obama's economic stimulus bill.

The vote was 244-188. No republicans voted for the bill - not one!

But guess what? We don't need yall! The democrats run this and we can get all our bills approved without your say. As they say, to the victor go the spoils! 

Konichiwa itches!

But the funny thing is, President Obama stayed true to his campaign promise for bipartisanship. He met with them, he listened to them, he got the dems to remove stuff from the bill, but at last the Repubs refused to vote yay. What gives? The American people spoke and they said they like the dems ideas better, why are you still doing this silly stuff. We are in a state of emergency (a man just killed his entire family because of his economic situation) and they refuse to meet the President in the middle. I swear Repubs suck. Seriously, you say you love America (even more than the dems) yet you won't act swiftly to solve these problems. This was your chance and now you lost it. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ikea 2009 Catalog! [Can I have a swedish meatball]


I LOVE Ikea. I don't care what people say. I don't find their furniture "flimsy" and I get a sense of accomplishment after I finish "building" my book shelf.

Ikea provides stylish affordable furniture and that's something we all need in these tough economic times (or any time for that matter).

I just wanted everyone to know you can get a sneak peek at their 2009 catalog over at Apartment Therapy!

New fabrics at Ikea!

I see they have some new fabrics! I'm not sure how many people are down with Ikea fabrics, but they are great for curtains and table cloths.

Full disclosure - 80% of the furniture in my house if from ikea!

En Vogue [Hold On To Your Love]


Here are the lovely ladies of En Vogue in 2009! 

I wonder if they are getting back together???

Neil deGrasse Tyson [Blowin' Up!]


A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how fond I am of Neil deGrasse Tyson. He is the coolest astrophysicist since Seleucus of Seleucia (he was the "first" to realize that tides were caused by the Moon).

Well today Gawker wrote about how the Barnes and Noble at Union Square in NYC was mobbed with people who came to his book signing/reading. MOBBED! They were confounded at his popularity. Ha!

Now the world is catching on to how cool this guy is! Yes, bookstores will be mobbed as we all sit and listen to what happens if you are caught in a Black Hole, why Pluto is a dwarf and why String Theory is crazy talk!

And for those of you in Philly, he will be speaking at the Free Library of Philadelphia on March 3rd @ 7:30pm (Central Branch - 1901 Vine Street) for FREE!!!

Source [Gawker]

The Black List, Vol. I [Buy it Today!]


Suzan-Lori Parks, playwright and screenwriter

In late 2008, HBO premiered the documentary The Black List, Vol. 1

The film is presented as a series of vignettes in which the subject addresses the camera directly as they tell their story.

Powerful stuff! I just did a quick search and it's re-airing on HBO in February (yall know it's African American History Month). If you haven't seen it, watch it! Seriously, you will NOT be disappointed. You get to hear personal stories and opinions from a variety of luminaries such as:
I'm sure you don't even know all the people on that list (I know I didn't), which is just another reason to watch this documentary! 

Chris Rock, comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer and director

Better yet, it's on sale exclusively at Target for ONLY $9.99! You can pre-order it (will ship Feb. 3rd). I just purchased mine. I think I'll buy one for my parents as an African American History Month gift (maybe I can start a new thing!).

If you don't know, you better ask somebody!

Here are some photos from the documentary:

Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize winning author, editor and professor

Saul Hudson (Slash), guitarist

Thelma Golden, curator

Colin Luther Powell, four-star general, former Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Serena Jameka Williams, professional tennis player

View portraits of all the interviewees at Timothy Greenfield-Sanders website

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Heart Susan Rice [Changing the World]

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (right) meets with Susan Rice, new Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations.

There is something about Susan Rice I love.

She has the air of someone I know. She reminds me of a girl from around the way (meaning: she's from the neighborhood). She seems like the kind of woman who doesn't take any mess. When you were young, you always knew girls like Susan were going to be "somebody." And I guess, that's why I like her.

Personally, I think she would have made a great Secretary of State, but hey I'm over it (sort of).

Susan Rice speaking outside the UN Security Council Chamber

Anyway, today, Susan Rice, the new Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations, gave her first brief to the media outside the UN Security Council Chamber (above photo).

A photo of Susan Rice from the HBO documentary, The Black List, Vol. 1

Susan was also in the HBO documentary The Black List, Vol 1, where she discussed "being black enough," here is a quote from the documentary:
"I just get pissed off at that old school mentality that says, 'Well, somebody's got a white mother or a white father and they ain't black enough,' or, 'They went to Harvard, so they can't be really down.' When we gonna get past that? It's old thinking to assume that what's good for African-Americans is the opposite of what's good for white folks. Why do we have to have that zero sum mentality at this point? Why can't we all get better healthcare and better education? I'm an optimist. And so when I get angry, it's easy for me to channel it into just doing more and doing it harder and trying to do it better."
See what I'm talking about!? God, I love her! (Full disclosure -her husband is white and Obama is her main man, so I'm sure this issue is close to her heart)

Watch Mrs. Rice discuss Darfur to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing:

That's right Susan - go head and CHANGE the WORLD!

President Obama and the Super Bowl

Matt Lauer has landed the first live interview with President Barack Obama from the White House. But the interview will take place during NBC's Super Bowl Pre-Game show. 

Interesting. I guess it will be a "fluff piece." I mean how deep will Matt get right before the Super Bowl? I don't think America is ready to hear how we will all lose our jobs and the economy will cease to exist in a matter of weeks while we drink beer and eat buffalo wings.

President Obama doing the Heisman Trophy pose

Do you remember that last time Obama made a showing during a football game? He made a "special announcement." We were suppose to believe the special announcement was his declaration he's running for the presidency. But no, he ended up saying, 
"I'm ready to announce to my hometown of Chicago and all of America that I am ready... for the bears to go all the way baby! Dun, dun, dunnnn!"
Hahahaha... very funny Prez. Watch below:

By the way, I am so NOT interested in the Super Bowl this year, since my percious Eagles lost to Arizona Cardinals.

Source [The Oval]

Thriller the Musical [It's close to midnight...]


It's the 25th Anniversary of the Thriller Album this year

It was a cold winter night in 1984. My mom walked us (the kids) around the corner to a neighbors house who had a "large" color television and cable to watch Michael Jackson's Thriller video debut. [Watch full video]

I was young, really young, but I do remember the excitement of the night and was aware that we were about to do something cool. I can remember the neighbor's dark living room and sitting on the floor to watch the video. And that's about all I can remember.

I am a Michael Jackson fan. Even if you are disgusted by the accusations he's had to deal with over the years (seriously, sleeping with kids is okay - uh NO!), I'm sure you can not deny he's a wonderful entertainer. He really is the King of Pop.

Now, Rolling Stone is reporting Michael Jackson's Thriller is going to Broadway. Yippee!

According to Playbill:
The Nederlander Organization has acquired the rights to produce a new musical based on the 14-minute "Thriller" video.

The musical, according to a press release, will be based on the "Thriller" video, which was a "horror spoof in which a young couple are out on a date on a beautiful full moon evening, when suddenly the young man, played by Jackson, turns into a werewolf." The production will feature songs from both "Thriller" and Jackson's "Off the Wall" albums.
If this is done correctly it can be very, very cool. 

We all know the dance moves! We all know the words! This is just another cult musical waiting to happen like the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Who wants to do the Time Warp with me!

Source [Rolling Stone and Playbill]

Eye Candy – Hugh Grant


I have been preoccupied with President Obama I have neglect my precious eye candy list (check out other eye candies). Well, President Obama is comfortably in office and now I can get back to the frivolity of my so-called life.

My current eye candy is Hugh Grant.

I know what you’re thinking. Hugh Grant? Come-on!

Well at first glance you might not say he’s eye candy worthy, but it’s his personality that gets me every time. It’s his wit, sarcasm, facial expressions and physical mannerisms that I love. Oh and of course he has a British accent and I’m a sucker for accents.

Recommended Hugh Grant Films

"But when you're a celebrity, you discover that you're no longer the pursuer, but the one being pursued. That's one of the disappointments I have had since becoming a single man."

"I cling to the fantasy that I could have done something more creative. Like actually writing a script, or writing a book. But the awful truth is that I... probably can't! "

"I don't particularly like babies. I don't mind them for about four minutes. That's my max. After that I can't quite see what everyone's fussing about."

"I don't think there's much point in putting me a deep, dark, heavy, emotional film because there are people who do it so much better than I do."

[on his thoughts of actress Julia Roberts] "Very big-mouthed! Literally, physically, she has a very big mouth. It is a very big mouth. When I was kissing her I was aware of a faint echo."

"I just don't believe in love at first sight any more, even though I've based my whole career on the concept. In my experience, power, money and influence always attract the opposite sex. It's something that I've always exploited - with good results."

View more Hugh Grant photos in my Picasa Web Album.

Ab Fab remade for US TV [Why can't we come up with our own shows?]

Eddy and Patsy

One of my favorite British comedies, Absolutely Fabulous (Ab Fab) is in the works of being re-made for U.S. television.

I doubt Ab Fab will work in America. The two central characters, Eddy and Patsy are played so well and are so British I am unsure how it will translate to American characters. Sometimes I just wish we would show the British version and hope the average American "gets it."

I will admit, the American version of The Office worked. Hopefully they will have the same success, but I doubt it.

Here's a list of American television shows based on British television shows (I didn't know it was this many!):

Source [BBC News and Wikipedia]

Zimbabwe 1 Trillion Dollar Note [Get It Together]

A boy examines the new $50 billion dollar note issued by Zimbabwe's central bank on Jan. 13, 2009

Okay, Zimbabwe needs to get it together. 

Last week the government decided to print a 100 trillion dollar bill which would be worth about $300.00 in U.S. Dollars. Yes, 100 effin' trillion!

A load of bread costs about 300 BILLION Zimbabwean dollars. The official inflation rate is 231 million percent. 231 MILLION!

Do you realize how crazy that is?

Status of Zimbabwe
  • Five million people (almost half of the population) need food aid
  • Unemployment is more than 80%
  • Nearly 3,000 people dead in cholera outbreak
Robert Mugabe needs to leave, like now.

Source [CNN and BBC News]

Sunday, January 25, 2009

World Leaders Welcome President Obama [They Love Him]

Numerous world leaders welcome President Obama. Here are a couple quotes:


"We are eager for him to get to work so that with him we can change the world."


"The whole world is watching the inauguration of President Obama, witnessing a new chapter in both American history and the world's history. He's not only the first black American president but he sets out with the determination to solve the world's problems."


"I want to say that I believe today is a very special day not only for the United States of America but also a special day for billions of people all over the world. The fact that a coloured president is being inaugurated and the fact the we a looking at an intensive transatlantic co-operation is something that not only moves the heads and thoughts but also the hearts. And I want to wish the new American President Barack Obama all the best, much strength and health and God's blessing. And I want to say that Germany is prepared to liaise with him very intensely and very openly. "


"Obama gives us hope and his words put us on a better path for a smooth and fruitful relationship with the Spanish government. The arrival of Obama gives us an opportunity we won't pass up."


"Many hopes and expectations have been piled on him, not just by the American people but also the rest of the world. The thing to do is to send him the most affectionate and cordial wishes so that he can fulfil these expectations."


"Obama has mobilised the greatest amount of good will and support in all walks of life. This mobilisation of good will is becoming his strength in its own right. And I think all of us expect to translate this occasion into a real opportunity to pacify, to meet, to have a dialogue and bring a solution of peace to all parties concerned."


"We wish him well and we look forward to active engagement on the part of his administration, in co-operation with important members of the international community."


"He came with a change and he needs to change the foreign policy of the United States towards honouring the freedom rights and democratic rights of nations, he must support the freedom of our Palestinian people and their rights and conventions."


"We are living through challenging times. And the challenges we face have no respect for national frontiers. What we need is new global governance and a new basis for prosperity. I sincerely believe that Europe and the United States must work together and with our partners around the world to devise and implement this new agenda for globalisation."

Source [BBC News]

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