Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gwendolyn Brooks [Poetry]


We Real Cool
by Gwendolyn Brooks, 1959

We real cool. We
Left school. We

Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We

Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We

Jazz June. We
Die soon.

I first read this poem in high school when I was going through my "militant" phase. I was totally into Malcolm X, the Harlem Renaissance, Spike Lee, and all things Black. I wore my leather Africa medallion daily and even went as far as cutting all my hair off and sporting a small afro (perms were for suckas). 

I thought this poem was wonderful and committed it to memory (lucky for me it rhymed and is only 24 words). 

As I'm about to turn 30 I can't help remembering my high school days and poetry was a love of mine. So I will start sharing some of my favorite poems, don't worry they usually rhyme and aren't epic poems.

The Czech's Are Excited About Obama's Visit [Photo]

Commemorative medals featuring US President Barack Obama are seen in the Czech city of Jablonec nad Nisou ahead of a visit by Mr Obama on 4 April.

Source [BBC News]

Pretty Mirror [Nicceee!]

I'm not sure where to purchase it, I just saw it on the blog My Notting Hill. Cute, huh?

Get Answers Texting Google [Very Cool]

Don't have the internet on your cellphone? But you do have a text (sms) plan?

Well, don't worry you can still get quick information (answers) from the internet, thanks to Google!

By sending a text message to 466453 (Google) you can get an answer to most questions.

For example:
  • definition aspartame (returns the definition of aspartame)
  • weather 90210 (returns the weather conditions for the zip code 90210)
  • score yankees (returns the score for the Yankees game)
  • movies 90210 (sends back a list of movies playing, you choose the movie and it returns movie times)
  • translate hello in german (gives you the word hello in german, 'hallo')
  • stock goog (returns stock quote for 'GOOG')
You can even convert things:
  • 5 gallons in liters
  • 6 euros in usd
Cool right? Get the full low-down by visiting Google Mobile - SMS service page. As always standard text message prices apply.

Watch the Google Mobile overview video below:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wall of Books [My Dream]

I've always dreamed of having a wall of books in my house. I gave up on having a real library in my house, but a wall of books certainly feels like something I can obtain.

Eva of Eva's zes kasten did it with Ikea's Expedit's bookshelves. Over $1056.95 worth of bookshelves!

Ikea Expedit Bookcase
Source [Boing Boing]

Want cute storage options? [Spring Cleaning]


Need some extra storage, but want cute storage you can actually leave out in the open (I usually try to hide my storage in a closet), well worry no more.

Laura Gunn shows us how to convert storage crates into works of art! These crates are cute (you can find cool cheap fabrics at Ikea or j caroline creative! - an online store, she has pretty fabrics), portable and stackable.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pre-Chewed Pencils [Why?]

Yeah, you read it right.

Oh internet, is there nothing you can't find?

Buy them for £1.50 a pack from Concentrate, if you want. 

Source [Boing Boing]

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flickr The Commons [Photos]

I’m sure you are familiar with flickr, the image (and video I guess) hosting website which allows everyone to share their photos with the world (personally, I am a picasa user). But do you know about Flickr: The Commons?

Flickr Commons is a collaborative effort between flickr and several museums and libraries to showcase “hidden treasures in the world's public photography archives, and secondly to show how your input and knowledge can help make these collections even richer.” All the photos are released under a “no known restrictions” license, which means you can use them for your personal use (go download crazy!). You can view works from:

Operating a hand drill at Vultee-Nashville, woman is working on a "Vengeance" dive bomber, Tennessee (LOC)

Bondi Bay, Sydney

Paris Exposition: police, Paris, France, 1900

Jicarilla maiden

Mlle X en vélo, Luchon

Woman in cell, playing solitaire

Igreja do Convento da Madre de Deus, Lisboa, Portugal

A Fisherman At Home

Rounding Cape Horn on the Parma

David Unaipon (1872-1967) was the first Australian Aboriginal writer to have a book published in Australia.

Confederate reunion

Great cedar tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, 1897

Chimpansees Hilda en Tilly uit Artis

An accident on Savy Aerodrome during the German offensive in 1918


Richard John Seddon and party in Samoa, 1897

Ellis Island, Guadeloupean woman

James Nasmyth, 1808 - 1890. Inventor of the steam hammer

Portrait of a girl with an infant, 1900-1910

Woman in dark dress with roses on bodice

Portrait of a Japanese American woman

A fugitive from slavery, Cooper arrived in Nantucket with his family in 1820. Two years later when an agent for his former owner came to the island to claim him, Nantucket Quakers assisted their escape.

Three women lying in the grass, Lysekil, Sweden

Source [Boing Boing]

Carine Roitfeld [Fashion]

Carine Roitfeld is the Editor-in-Chief of the French editition of Vogue. She is basically the French Anna Wintour.

CNN recently profiled her, watch the videos below:

Part I

Part II
Part III

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How NOT to keep your man [Bad Idea]

I'm not a relationship expert, but I'm pretty sure this is NOT how you keep your man (or woman).
Police in Connecticut say a woman attempting to reconcile with her husband handcuffed herself to him as he slept and then bit him on his torso and arms.

Police say 37-year-old Helen Sun told them she wanted to have a conversation with husband Robert Drawbough without him leaving. Police say she changed the locks on their bedroom and handcuffed herself to Drawbough while he was sleeping Monday.

I understand her premise, but why did she have to bite him? Dude, not a good idea... not a good idea at all. But I have to give kudos to her husband for his self restraint not fighting back and really hurting this woman.

Listen to the husband's 911 call:

Artists Interpret Michelle Obama

New York Magazine posted some artists' interpretation of First Lady Michelle Obama.

The above sketch is my favorite. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are [Book now a Movie]


I love the children's book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (I'm going to start linking all books to the free library to encourage people to USE their libraries before they are gone - but I will post about that later). The story of a little boy who is sent to his room without supper because he was bad (my parents use to just beat us and still gave us food). His room magically turns into a forest and eventually he is taken to the land of the Wild Things.

I won't give away the ending (spoiler - happy ending) but it's a wonderful little book. And now it's about to become a movie!

Here's the movie poster:

Sometimes I wish I had kids I could share crap like this with. Wait, I have nieces and nephews, but, ugh, that would take too much effort. Oh wells.

Source [I Watch Stuff]

Update: 9:21pm

I just realized the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are was just released! Watch below:

To Airbrush or Not? [Keeping it Real]

I post the following photo not to make fun or mock Kim Kardashian at all. I don't know much about her except she has a wonderful wardrobe (all the photos I've seen, she's always on point) and is a very attractive woman.

I post the following photo because I love it! I love seeing real people and I don't like airbrushing. Granted, you do need some airbrushing I mean that's life, but you shouldn't airbrush someone into being a totally different person (Kate Winslet recently spoke about her crazy airbrushing in Vanity Fair magazine). And not to mention they give young girls and women of all ages an unrealistic idea of beauty. 

Now, I don't think the airbrushing in the following photo is that "outrageous" but it just shows us that beautiful people out there are just like you and me (they have some imperfections) and that's just fine.

Michael Jackson - Keep It In the Closet [Best Video]

I haven't seen this video in a while, but I gotta say, hot damn! This is a wonderful song and great video. Naomi Campbell looks beautiful and Michael invites us to the guns show (showing his arms). Seriously, this is great!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White House Opening the Easter Egg Roll [So Can You!]

Do you have some kiddies? Would you like to dress them up real cute and let them hang out on the White House lawn?

Well you just might get the opportunity. 

The Annual White House Easter Egg Roll will now be open to the public (yes, that means you!).

White House Easter Egg Roll 1898

For the first time the Easter Egg Roll won't just be limited to Washington insiders and their kids. You, regular Jo-Shmoe will have the opportunity to get tickets (there's a chance) to join Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha play games on the South Lawn of the White House.

The tickets will become available Thursday, March 26 here.

So good luck! It's open to children 10 years and younger and their families (max of 6 tickets per order).

Read all about it at the White House.

If you actually get tickets, please let me know so I can become extremely jealous.

Children with the Easter Bunny, 1982 at White House

Chicago Sun-Times LOVES Oprah


The Sun-Times Oprah blog

I know Oprah is synonyms with Chicago (and money) but who knew they loved her that much.

When I stumbled across the blog I posted it on twitter:

Then the Suntimes twittered me back.

Then I got a Direct Message from the Suntimes that they (the newspaper) wants Oprah to buy the paper


Monday, March 23, 2009

Michelle Obama Rocks!

Yup, she's my idol.

Enjoy some Michelle Obama videos from last week.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kids Smoking Smarties [Yes, the candy]

This is so silly, but then again, kids will think of the darnest things.

Source [Gawker]

Se7en [Movie Still]

Click on image for a larger view

Saturday, March 21, 2009

On a clear day you can see forever [Photo]

Click on image for a larger view

I took this photo of President Obama at a rally in North Philly at Progress Plaza, October 11, 2008.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Missing Child Poster in Brussels Airport Bathroom [Photo]

Click on image for a larger view

I took this photo in a bathroom in the Brussels airport of the missing child, Madeleine McCann last summer, July 11, 2008.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Village Road Near Kampala [Photo]

Click on image for a larger view

I spent a month in Uganda last summer. Here is a random road in the "village", near Kampala road on July 10, 2008.

You can find more of my va-kay photos here and here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shirley Chisholm [Photo]


Shirley Chisholm, American politician, educator, and author. 

Philadelphia Skyline [Photo]

Click on image for larger view

I took this photo on a plane ride back to Philly last year. You can see the Eagles and Phillies stadiums and the skyline. May 7, 2008.

Yo! I love Philly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Movies I Loved as a Kid [Movie Time Part II]

This is part II of the list of movies I loved as a kid.

What are some of your favorite movies as a kid? 

Movies I Loved As a Kid!

The Color Purple

My favorite movie, bar none! I've watched it over 50 times, read the novel 3 times and can quote this movie like it's the pledge of allegiance. How can you watch this movie and not root for Celie, Shug, Mister, and Sofia (maybe not Mister as much, but if you read the book you know what I mean).

Is this not every kids' dream? You wake up one day and you're a grown up! It's a wonderfully charming movie and Tom Hanks gives an outstanding performance.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

I don't care what anyone says, this movie is hilarious! Jim Carrey is in his element! The guy talks with his butt! Man, if you are easily amused (like I am) you will get 86 minutes of unadulterated laughter.
Anne of Green Gables

I first saw this movie when I was 12 years old. My little sister and I were glued to the screen. It's a wonderful movie about an orphan who gets adopted and gets to live in the picturesque Green Gables. Oh how I love Anne Shirley. Every little girl HAS to see this movie or read the novels. Oh yeah, I wrote about how the author committed suicide.


The summer of '96 my friends and I watched this movie almost every day (literally). That was the summer of Friday and the ghetto special (4 chicken wings and french fries from the corner Chinese store). Needless to say, I have not watched this movie in 10 years.


As a teenager I wished I attended New York High School of Performing Arts. I always envisioned myself as Doris Finsecker (I've always been a little shy) but long to be in the spotlight. This is a wonderful movie all teenagers will enjoy (well, I did). One day we can all sing the body electric!
The Princess Bride

First did you know this was a novel (written in 1973 by William Goldman). Second, this movie is a classic. A wonderful movie. I don't think I've ever met someone who didn't like this movie.

My sister and I LOVED Beetlejuice! I was 9 and she was 8 when we watched it and we just knew (we knew it) that when we died we were going to be ghost! But after much debate, we decided we would be good ghosts because Beetlejuice was a jerk.

I will admit I have never cried watching this movie (or any movie), but it does pull at the heart strings. Which woman wouldn't want a best friend like CC or Hillary.
Clara's Heart

This is a sleeper movie. I don't think many people have seen it but I love it. Seriously, check it out if you haven't seen it already. Not to mention it stars the fabulous Neil Patrick Harris and my girl Whoopi Goldberg! "You're underage, you're not fit for a picture."
Little Shop of Horrors

"Feed me Seymour!" Oh this is a fun movie/musical. All the songs are great, it's funny and it's a "musical" most guys will actually enjoy. I use to know all the words to the songs, but to be honest, I haven't seen this movie in quite a number of years.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

My parents took the whole family to see this movie (it was probably around Easter, for some reason we always went to the movies around Easter) so I have the fond memories of an outing with the flaunt clan. I will admit, I recently watched this movie and have no idea why I use to love it so much (probably the cartoon factor). I didn't even finish the film. But it was a favorite when I was a child.

The Golden Child

This was the first movie I went to without my parents. My older brother and sister took me and boy was I shocked. I can vividly remember all the cursing because it was the first R rated movie I ever saw. "I waaanntttt the knife"

Part III coming soon. Check out Part I.

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