Friday, January 29, 2010

Judging a Book by It's Cover

THE WOMAN-HATERS by Joseph C. Lincoln

Two things:
  1. The title - intriguing
  2. the old fisherman (?) smoking a pipe - I wonder if he is the woman hater
I believe you can find the full text of the book at Full Text Free Books and learn more about Joseph C. Lincoln.

UPDATE (2/7/2010) - Thanks to Kitschy Coo for refreshing my memory, but I first saw this book on her blog. I saw a photo of someone reading the book and was like, "ummm, that's an interesting book cover" and posted it here. But I totally forgot where I saw the book (I subscribe to over 100 blog RSS feeds and occasionally things get lost)! Anyway, check out her blog, she's funny, creative and an ASKard fan.


  1. How funny, I had a pic of my husband with this book as a joke on my blog this week! It was in our hotel room when we went away for the night, seemed a bit niche for a hotel room :)

  2. @Kitschy Coo OMG! I think I saw the book on YOUR blog and that's where I got the idea for this blog post. But I honestly, couldn't remember where I saw the book, so that's why I didn't reference you.

    Ha! I will update my blog post and give your reference. Thanks!


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