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Book Review: Vice by Jane Feather

I’ve mentioned my joy of reading regency romance novels in previous posts. You see I enjoy history, adore most things British and I love to get lost in a steamy romance novel. I will admit I can’t stand “contemporary” romance novels because I don’t want “real life”, I want fantasy! I want to get lost in another time or world where I can… wait, wait, I digress, my explanation for loving romance can take place in another blog post.

A carriage dress, 1825

Anyway, I’ve decided to stop my fanfiction obsession and start reading “real” books. More importantly, I’ve decided to read ALL the unread books in my house. Yes, that means I can not purchase a new book or borrow books from the library until every single book in my house has a creased spine. And since I went on a regency romance book buying bender a couple months back, I have quite a few to read.

So today, I’ll write a quick review for Vice by Jane Feather.

What do you do when you accidentally kill your husband on your wedding night? If you are Juliana you run to London with no money, no contacts and hope you find a job. But suddenly you find yourself living in a bordello and “sold” to a Duke in a wild scheme that will actually make your life a lot better.

This novel was a quick and easy read and will hold your attention. The only problem is I started to immensely dislike the “heroine”. Her decision making process left a lot to be desired and it got to the point where I had to side with the duke who “purchased” her. I know many historical romance readers like “strong willed” female characters, but how can you like a character that is stubborn to the point they continue to make silly decisions which always ends in harm’s way?

As for the romance, I was a little disappointed the author did not take us on a “romantic journey”. Juliana and the Duke instantly lusted over each other, but love was barely mentioned, which I found odd. On the plus side, I did learn a lot about prostitution in Victorian London and the infamous red-light district of Covent Garden.

Warnings: This novel has sex scenes with a sensuality rating of "Hot" by All About Romance.

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