Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Review: Absolute Pleasure by Cheryl Holt

Lady Elizabeth, the lonely spinster daughter of the earl has given up on the idea of marriage. Her recently re-married father has given all her responsibilities to his new wife and her life has reached a new level of boredom – until she meets the beautiful artist Gabriel Cristofore at the opera. This quick meeting immediately opens Elizabeth’s eyes and releases the passion which has remained dormant for so long.

For the first two chapters I felt the author was taking extra liberty with her adjectives and angst and debated if I should even bother, but I’m one of those people that if I pick up a book I am compelled to finish. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself hooked around chapter six; Elizabeth and Gabriel were in full swing of their affair and it is a rather steamy affair at that!

The novel does not provide much action but the “romance” keeps you reading to find out how the pair will eventually have their “happily ever after”. The end of the novel did leave one big unanswered for me, what happened to Elizabeth’s horrid step-mother? Did the earl annul the marriage? It’s a minor detail but I was so deep into the story I was rather curious how that subplot turned out.

Warnings: This novel has sex scenes with a sensuality rating of "Burning" by All About Romance.

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