Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Review: Secret Desires of a Gentleman by Laura Lee Guhrke

I honestly feel this was a waste of time reading. The author does little to make you form a connection or root for the main characters. While reading I often felt completely removed from the story, like I was watching a bad movie, but stayed to the end because I already paid my admission.

When the "gentleman" of Secret Desires of a Gentleman blames the heroine for making him kiss her and accusing her of being some sort of witch because he couldn't "control" himself around her, I wanted to stop reading, but I soldiered on.

I could not find any redeeming qualities to this story and was further abashed when the author had the gall to let the said gentleman of the story declare his love for our heroine in a very ungentlemanly way, in front of others (gasp, that's just not done in Victorian times [sarcasm:]). I'm talking, professing love, going on bended knee the whole shtick... and of course our heroine said yes. Ugh.

This is a miss folks. This author can and has done better... I recommend His Every Kiss.

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