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Slash... deal with it (more Harry/Draco fanfiction recs)

I don't care if you judge me... Harry and Draco belong together.

Here are a couple more of my Harry/Draco recommendations:

Things That Change by eutychides
Author Summary: After Hogwarts, everything changes.

This was one of the most addictive stories I've read... it just sucks you in and the next thing you know two days of your life are gone. Desperate, Draco comes up with a plan to "carry on for his family" which involves getting pregnant by an unknowing Harry (don't let the MPREG run you off, this is a great story). Harry finds out and takes Draco home... they live together for 20 years and have 3 more children. A memorable and unique story... I say it's a MUST READ for Harry/Draco fans.

Friend Like Me by Artuntaure
Author Summary: Draco's rendition of the Love story that never was.

A lovely tale of Draco dreaming of the life he could have led if Harry would have taken his hand that first day of school. But, I have to admit the writing style was kind of kooky at times and the author didn't use quotes to indicate when someone was speaking (which I guess is was okay because that's the style she/he selected but it made reading kind of hard). But you know me, I can get over minor grammar/spelling issues and seek out the beauty of the story. This is a quick read and was rather beautiful.

The Hope Series by jamie2109
Author Summary: Harry wants Draco, Draco wants Harry to save him.

I loved it! It certainly gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. I have to say, Jamie2109 is quickly becoming one of my favorite fanfic authors. The story is told in alternative points of view by Draco and Harry. I really can't explain the plot because it would give too much away. But I will say that you will feel sad at the end, but will enjoy the ride!

Different Worlds by Professor McKitten
Author Summary: AU-Draco is sent to Durmstrang for the first five years of his schooling. How ever does he and Harry end up together?

It's a nice story of their relationship and the drama which naturally will come with it. A very enjoyable and long read to sink your teeth into. It does feel a little rushed towards the end but overall quite nice.

Lesson in Negativity by Ociwen
Author Summary: Draco lies to himself.

This is a very short story where Draco realizes his hate of Harry Potter might just be love.

Let's Pretend the War Is Over by pir8fancier
Author Summary: Post war fic. Draco spends his days debating whether or not he's crazy. Harry is the take-away king.

Absolutely loved this story! A nice one chapter story where Draco is dealing with some major sanity issues, but our favorite hero, Harry is there to help him through it. After reading, I wanted more... I want to see how Draco would be once he's "healthy". Five stars!

Behind the Green Door by thewickednix
Author Summary: During the Second War, Draco witnesses his father's capture of Harry Potter. Draco is given a mission: to watch the Boy Who Lived. But in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor, something besides hate and enmity is born between two desperate souls.

Okay this story might not be for everyone, it's very graphic and deals with abuse, rape and a bit of incest (damn you Lucius) but there is still a love story inside all this chaos. There is also a sequel to this story called Salt in Our Wounds which I also enjoyed.

A House with a White Picket Fence by SilentAuror
Author Summary: Harry, happily married and busy with his Auror career, thinks his life is perfect until he starts discovering what he's been missing all this time... HP/DM.

Harry leaves Ginny for Draco... yup, that's all I needed to know to read this story (I'm not a Ginny fan, if you haven't guessed). There is also a sequel A House with a Blue Door.

In the closet by Michi M. Chu
Author Summary: Ron needs to see a psychiatrist, Ginny's paranoid, Hermione's absent, and Harry's in denial...

If you are a Ginny fan, don't read this because you will probably end up hating her after reading this, but I found it a rather enjoyable read.

Kiss A Boy In London Town by Femme
Author Summary: Kiss A Boy In London Town (And Other Intimate Misadventures of A Society Whore) There's only one cardinal sin for a whore. (Harry/Draco)

I have to admit, after reading this I've become a fan of the Draco as a prostitute stories.

and your damage done by twistedmiracle
Author Summary: How was it that being grown up had once seemed exciting and desirable? Warnings: infidelity, angst, homosexual sex, Deathly Hallows-compliant (including epilogue).

A good story and after reading this you will be mad at the author because she truly leaves you wanting more because she states there will NOT be a sequel.

As Time Unfolds Us (a memoir) by agnes_bean
Author Summary: Desperate for his own escape from the Death Eaters, Draco Malfoy does something he never expected to do: he helps Harry Potter. With his ideology abandoned and his former protection lost, Draco finds himself in an unfamiliar world, where his greatest struggle —and his ultimate fate — hinges on defining the line between old loyalties and new.

I'm a sucker for "Draco memoir" stories and this was a nice one.

Allegiance and Sedition by SilentAuror
Author Summary: The war is in its fifth year, and Harry finds himself caught up in the confusion of friend versus enemy, spy versus traitor. H/D eventually. Contains spoilers for HBP. Now complete!

A very addictive read, I'm not really a fan of "war" stories but this one was rather good.

The Good Guys by frayach
Author Summary: The Second Voldemort War is limping into its fourth year, and the Forces of Shining Light are slowly turning into the Forces of Expedient Grey. When Draco Malfoy is captured red-handed trying to sell an illegal potion to a clerk at Borgin & Burkes, he is handed over to the Department of Essential and Necessary Truth’s newest interrogator. And as soon as he sees Malfoy, bound and waiting in his cell, Harry Potter knows he’s in trouble. Deep trouble.

After reading this story I wanted more! I don't want to give too much away, but the ending will leave you slack jawed.

That Which Divides Us by oldenuf2nobetter
Author Summary: Three years after what would have been their seventh year at Hogwarts, the war between the forces of light and Voldemort's minions grinds on. But even within the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix there are vast disagreements over what is good for 'the Chosen One' and his volatile relationship with Draco Malfoy has many on edge. Sometimes even the best intentions can reap disaster.

A very nice plot that moves rather quickly and keeps your interest.

Knowledge of Self (Determination) by tout a coup
Author Summary: Post-HBP. Draco, now a Death Eater, is captured by the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter volunteers to look after him. War escalates as Draco is forced to come to grips with his captors, his circumstances, and himself. H/D.

I enjoyed this story but I have to agree with another reviewer... the story is a bit odd because you can't really tell if Harry and Draco really like each other. It's like they are too immature to realize they are in love. You keep waiting for someone to make the declaration and it never comes.

Big Chicago by Samayel
Author Summary: Non Magic AU. Drake Malfoy is serving his seventh year in prison for acting as a drug mule for his old boyfriend, then a green eyed man shows up and turns his world upside down.

I can not express how much I L-O-V-E this story (I think I recommended it before). I've read it two times and it still holds up. This story is AU (alternate universe) and non-magical, so even if you aren't into Harry Potter you can read it but... you gotta be comfortable with slash. This story is very explicit and is not fantasy. The writing is excellent, smart and the plot intriguing... you know what, just read it, then email me and we shall chat about it. Deal?

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  1. Awesoeme, thank you for the recs. I started with Things That Change yesterday and loved Domestic!Draco. I'm glad you like Silent Auror's stories, have found Cheryl_Dyson on has some great H/D - she's got some excellent plot premises :)

  2. @Rebecca thanks for the rec... I'll check her stories out.

  3. Reccing everything that has been posted on HD Holidays (on livejournal) this year. Go check it out! (And considering the list of participants that has been posted - I recommend most of the authors as well :D)

  4. Have you read 'irresistible poison' by rhyssen and 'just this?' by blue? They're themost amazing H/D fanfics that I have ever read!

    I think you will love just this because as you have said, you're starting to like Draco as a prostitute ;)


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