Saturday, December 4, 2010

TV Theme Songs Part III

Continuing my adventure down memory lane, here's Part II and Part I of TV Theme Songs.

The Jeffersons - What TV Theme list is complete without The Jeffersons. Iconic song.

Married... with Children - Perfect, simply perfect!

Cheers - Another iconic TV theme song.

Wings - You might not know this, but I'm HUGE Wings fan, seen every episode at least 3 times... this show is hella funny and I don't care how many people mock it. The theme song is kind of boring, but I had to add it for my loyalty to the show.

Blossom - The song is great, the dancing in the video cheesy and you just have to love it. By the way, I was extremely jealous of Blossom back in the day, he had the coolest clothes and those funky hats.

Growing Pains - You know the words don't you? Yeah, you do.

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