Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And in Kindle News...

  • This Moleskin Kindle Cover is pretty awesome... my only problem is I'm right handed so the notepad might be a little awkward
  • Kindle finally launches their book loan program - yes, you can LOAN ME your Kindle books, I mean, anyone... but seriously, if you want to become Kindle friends email me and we can work something out. Small print - only available to U.S. residents. If you are interested in sharing eBooks with others (not necessarily with me) then check out eBook Exchange.
  • Looking for cool and unique Kindle covers? Try Etsy
 Here I am reading my lovely, lovely Kindle on the Nile River in Uganda last summer. This little device saved me $100 for over the weight limit luggage charges since I would have carried 10 heavy books but didn't have to thanks to me Kindle!


  1. I don't know...I'm leaning towards a Nook, myself...what a lovely picture of an Idyll by the Nile! :o)

  2. @jeff noooo... I say go for the Kindle... I played around with the Nook and the interface and easy of use does not compare to the Kindle. The ONLY, seriously, ONLY draw-back to the Kindle is you can't read library ebook on it. Okay, that might be a big draw-back for you but the Kindle is pretty amazing and will make up for it... there are many free books floating around the interwebs (wink, wink, nod, nod)


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