Monday, January 31, 2011

When someone asks you when you’re going to...

I saw this on tumblr
When someone asks you when you’re going to get a boyfriend

…and you’re just like “I don’t know, I guess tomorrow when I walk out of my house I’ll just choose one from the swarm of guys that all come sprinting towards me.”

Well I just wanted to tell this person, just wait until you're an old hag like me (you enter your 30s) and people ask, "when you're going to have a baby"... I have learned from experience the correct response is not a punch to their face...

More things you should never ask a woman (in the vain of their age and weight)...
  1. when are you getting married?
  2. when are you having babies?
  3. (if they are not in possession of a husband or baby) are you a lesbian?

Seriously, just don't do it... every time you ask these questions to women a puppy dies.


  1. @Marius yes lesbians are wonder, I love them myself... but don't just assume because a woman is single without children she is a lesbian... on top of the general faux pas of asking someone their sexual preferences, at least before the second drink :)

  2. Lol...I think it's the archaic food related cliches that freak me out. "Is there a bun in the oven?" or "baking a bean yet?" :/

  3. err, typo... that was suppose to be "lesbians are wonderFUL"... there, I will say it twice, lesbians are WONDERFUL...

  4. @Tasha "baking a bean yet?"... I never heard that one before... stuff like that reminds me of the book/film Bridget Jones's Diary


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