Monday, March 7, 2011

An Alexander Skarsgård Post

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Paleyfest videos with the entire cast of True Blood this last weekend. You might have noticed I haven't written many Alex posts lately... I guess you can say my attention (obsession) has kind of waned, but now it's back!

Oh Alex how I've neglected you... Now I'm playing catch up with what's been going on in his life, here are a couple quick updates (but you probably know all this):

  • I learned (my) Alex dated Amanda Seyfried but it didn't work (according to her) because she wasn't over her ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper. First off, what!? You had Mr. Skarsgard and couldn't get over your ex? This clearly shows she has some type of deficit because we all know Alex is all the man you need. 

    HBO released a teaser for Season 4 which showcases a disoriented Eric wandering in the woods:

    Well if you didn't know Season 4 will deal with Book 4 Dead to the World which is my FAVORITE novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series. For the very simple reason, it was Eric centric! Oh lordy, I read certain passages from this book countless times... ah, the shower scene!... and how he kept calling Sookie "Lover"... man oh man. And then after I finished reading I found  the most wonderful fanfiction story Let Love In by Terri Botta that just blew my mind (if you are an Eric fan and a fan of the books, you MUST read this story).

    Oh snap, look what I just found - the audiobook version of Dead to the World - Chapter 6 the Shower Scene! (warning: it's a very sensual scene and may be odd if you are listening out of context). Wait, I finished listening to the audio version, and well, it's just not the same... you should really just read the book. This is why I'm not a fan of audiobooks, my imagination is much better when I read something not when someone reads it to me. But if you are interested, listen:

    A Couple Alexander Interviews
    • German GQ December 2010 - he talks about how Sweden will always be home.
    • Aftonbladets 2001 - yes it's an old interview, but his answers are so precious I just had to link it again. When asked if he believes in sex before marriage, he replies, "I always believe in sex."
    • FILM Magazine December 2010 - Alex really likes being a vampire

    Oh yeah, I saw this and well, it made me smile:

    It's been a while...what other Alex news have I missed? Do tell...

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    1. His dad has a strange attraction for me too ;-)


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