Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Review: Star Trek The Next Generation Books #7 - #10

 You like my little Picard, Riker and Geordi?

I'm still on my quest to read ALL the Star Trek The Next Generation novels in order and here's a couple I've finished.

Masks (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #7) by John Vornholt
Rating: 4/5

I read this one back in July (hehehe I've neglected to update this for so long) and my initial reaction was "is it just me or does every ambassador who is assigned to the Enterprise for a period of time up to no good!" Seriously, it feels like every ambassador we encounter in The Next Generation is a jerk. I think Starfleet does a poor job screening application in the diplomatic branch. I mean even Spock went rogue for a while during his tenure as an Ambassador.

Anyway, the Enterprise is tasked with taking an Ambassador to the planet of Lorca to make contact. This planet has a pretty rural society based on status. Your status is based on the mask you wear (hence the novel title) and the best mask is the Wisdom Mask. Captain Picard to the chagrin of Riker, decides to beam down and well drama and action begins...

I really enjoyed this book, it was quick paced, and had interesting secondary characters including the aliens on Lorca.

The Captain's Honor (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #8) by David Dvorkin and Daniel Dvorkin
Rating: 1/5

An uninteresting plot with mundane "new" characters, meanwhile the Enterprise crew lifelessly strolled about the novel doing nothing, seriously, nothing. A terribly boring book... totally without honor.

A Call to Darkness (Star Trek: The Next Generation #9) by Michael Jan Friedman
Rating: 1/5

Geez, I really struggled with this one and had to take breaks after each chapter and read fanfiction to cure my boredom. The book did pick up (some what) after the crew left the ship but the plot line was très boring.

Well, the Enterprise is searching for a lost vessel. The Enterprise finds the vessel without its crew. An away-team beams down to investigate. The away-team (which includes Captain Picard much to Riker's disapproval) disappears. We find out a planet is stealing the crew of ships which come in its orbit in a Hunger Games (good book by the way) like situation to continue a faltering war but keeps its "lower caste" population entertained. I think my description sounds a lot more entertaining than the actual book, which being blunt, was a bore. This novel is without honor.

A Rock and a Hard Place (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #10) by Peter David
Rating: 4/5

Riker is sent to a terraforma planet to check on their status, his replacement, Quintin Stone, might be insane (even though he beat the Kobayashi Maru Simulation without cheating during Starfleet Academy), Troi is doing her Troi thing (feeling stuff) and we meet Wild Things (cannibal wolf like animals).

All and all it was another good read from Peter David. He is my favorite Star Trek TNG author because his story-lines are always intriguing, characters interesting and genuine humor throughout the story. Now this novel wasn't necessarily as humorous as Strike Zone but I still loved it! I highly recommend it for a quick read which will leave you entertained.

Stay tuned for more reviews!

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