Friday, April 22, 2011

Growing up Black in the Ukraine

I really want to see this documentary, Family Portrait in Black and White.

OLGA NENYA is a foster mother to SIXTEEN BLACK ORPHANS in Ukraine – where 99.9% of the population is white and where race DOES matter. Forced to constantly defend themselves from racist neighbors and skinheads, these children have to be on guard against the world that surrounds them.

No one is related by blood in this family, but everyone is connected by the color of their skin and by the woman who chose to be their foster mother. Olga is not Mother Teresa; she bears much more resemblance to a platoon leader. Some kids have learned to manipulate her, some obey, and only one battles with her. Kiril, a 16-year-old boy nicknamed ‘President’ for his intelligence, is the one who dares to argue with Olga – and pays dearly for it.

The modern world is interconnected: not only did a British Charity buy the house for the family, but these kids from a tiny place in Ukraine spend their summers with host families in France and Italy year after year. When European families offer to adopt the kids, Olga refuses despite being aware of what awaits a black Ukrainian beyond the protective shield of her family. For her, these children already have a family and, as she says, “The bird should only have one nest”.

Source [We Are Movie Geeks]

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