Friday, April 29, 2011

My random thoughts on the Royal Wedding (kind of live blogging)

8:45 AM

The kiss gif.

8:34 AM

The Kiss! The first one was really quick and caught us off guard, but luckily they kissed again... and I was appeased.

I think Kate wanted to hang out a bit longer on the balcony, the Queen went back in rather quickly. I wish they hung out longer... I mean, this only happens once and when you think about it, ALL those people came to see you, give them what the want.

I'm feeling rather tired now...

8:14 AM
She's Your Queen To Be - Coming to America

7:50 AM

Its kind of crazy that Prince William, or should I call him the Duke of Cambridge has to wait so long to kiss or hug his bride. Perhaps they kissed already behind closed doors. Anyway, I'm getting sleepy now... I don't know if I can stay  up for this kiss... oh yes, I'll set my alarm... wait, who am I kidding, I'm going to see this wedding until the end.

7:41 AM

The Bride and Groom.

7:36 AM

For all the royal wedding haters, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" - Hamlet

7:31 AM

So royal...

6:37 AM

The ring... Prince William like many royals won't wear a ring, so he didn't get one.

6:24 AM

I hope everyone saw Prince Williams whisper "you look beautiful" to Kate when she finally reached the alter. You could totally see the love in his eyes... it was quite a lovely moment.

6:16 AM

The Dress! Kate is a class act when it comes to fashion.

5:53 AM

The Queen arrives!


Harry always looks like a cute little boy to me... maybe it's because of his constant smiling. He's a cutie!

5:26 AM

I totally smiled (hard) when I saw Prince William and Prince Harry driving to the wedding.... geez, I promised myself I wouldn't do this...

5:17 AM
The Beckhams

5:07 AM

I created a Picasa album related to the Royal Wedding and will post random things I found on the interwebs there. Royal Wedding Graphics & Photos

5:02 AM

So I will attempt to update this blog post throughout the day with random images and thoughts I have watching the Royall Wedding.

4:48 AM

 Google Doodle for the day in honor of the Royal Wedding

So I set my alarm for 3:45am and actually woke up at 4:10am which is a record for me, I usually hit snooze four times. Anyway, way I’m UP and watching the Royal Wedding!

Since it’s 4am and I’m sitting on the couch, laptop at hand and well I have nothing else to do but tweet and blog. I hope I don’t loose many twitter followers because I will probably live tweet the event, but hey folks it’s only one day.

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