Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reading the Internet...

If you've browsed this blog for more than two minutes you can tell I post a lot of stuff from other sites (please note I always source my materials). You see I'm ALWAYS on the computer and ALWAYS reading and when something catches my fancy I throw it up on my blog to share with you, dear reader (I've always wanted to say that... "dear reader").

I find the easiest way to read the interwebs is through RSS feeds, I rarely visit actual blog websites anymore. I'll stumble across a blog, browse a couple pages and if I like it I'll add the RSS feed to my Google Reader and that's that. I should mention if a website doesn't enable the FULL blog posts through their feeds (only the teasers with links like "read more after the jump" taking me to their website) there is a 85% chance I won't subscribe, seriously, I just don't have the time.

I do recall a day last year when I got my Google Reader "All Items" under 1000+, I was very proud of myself. Of course I went to the bathroom and when I came back all my hard work was undone. Nowadays I don't even attempt to get my all items under 1000+, what's the point when I add at least 5 new RSS feeds a week? If only the internet wasn't so interesting!

Anyway, I wanted to share this article on one person's struggle to consume the internet, here's a blurb:
I missed the whole RSS thing but do have a Google Reader account—it’s stacked with fashion and art blogs and nothing related to tech and I never visit it. I overloaded my Google Reader initially and now there’s too much noise for me to handle. I’m sure I could fix the problem by deleting some sources, but don’t have the time. I much prefer human curation rather than the stream of a Google Reader.

Alexia Tsotsis: What I Read from The Atlantic.

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