Monday, May 23, 2011

I Love Linda Perry and music comments

Linda Perry was the lead singer and guitarist for the group 4 Non Blondes, I was obsessed with the song What's Up? back in the 90s. So listen to this:

Isn't her voice amazing! On top of that she's a wonderful songwriter and producer, you might be familiar with some of her work (she either wrote or produced the following):
  • Beautiful - Christina Aguilera (beautiful lyrics and wonderful singing - perfect)
  • Tomorrow - Lillix (I didn't know this song but the lyrics are pretty good and I love the hook)
  • Mono - Courtney Love (whatever, not a Love fan)
  • One Word - Kelly Osbourne (not feeling this)
  • Hurt - Christina Aguilera (beautiful... if you've ever lost someone, just listen to this)
  • Nothing But - Skin (the lyrics are great but I feel this should be sung with more strength or something... he voice is too sweet for this song. With that said, I loved her in this song - Secretly)
  • Superwoman - Alicia Keys (another empowerment song like Beautiful - perfect)
Impressive, huh? Now watch this biography on Linda Perry.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I just wanted to tell you about this awesome woman.


  1. wow what a blast from the past, i always wondered what happened to her, now i am seeing so wrote some of my favorite songs like "Hurt".

  2. Yes, she's great and a wonderful song writer.

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