Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alexis Carrington - the baddest bitch in a hat

Even if you never watched an episode of  Dynasty, I'm sure you're familiar with the fabulous Alexis, played by Joan Collins. Alexis was a bitch, and I mean that in all the fabulous and nasty connotations your mind can imagine.

I love Wikipedia's explanation of her character,
Alexis' schemes to destroy ex-husband Blake, undermine his marriage to angelic Krystle, and control her children drive much of the action over the series' run. Passionate yet vengeful, Alexis loves her children fiercely and will do anything to protect them, but she often ignores their own needs and desires in place of what she thinks is best. Often seen smoking her signature black Nat Sherman cigarillos, Alexis rises and falls again and again, continually stirring up trouble for all around her.

But her signature was her hats and fierce 1980s make up. It's all about the eyes...

Source [Chateau Thombeau]

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