Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Review: Gulliver's Fugitives by Keith Sharee (Star Trek: The Next Generation #11)

Gulliver's Fugitives by Keith Sharee
Rating: 1/5

I read two other books while reading this book - that should give you an idea of how much of my attention and interest it captured.

The Enterprise encounters the planet of Rampart occupied by a group of humans who wished to leave Earth and create a new world full of fact. These people did not see the point in fiction, yes, fiction. They consider anything fiction, from literature, art, myths, imagination, exploration, etc. illegal – basically if you have to use your imagination you are considered sick with a disease called Allpox. So when the Enterprise stumbles across this planet looking for the lost ship the U.S.S. Huxley the Rampartians (I guess I can call them that) consider all of the Enterprise "sick" because they speak of nothing of fiction – the very idea that aliens exist is fiction and therefore they must “fix” or destroy the Enterprise and all its inhabitants.

Now that little summary may seem interesting, which I would have to agree, but the sad fact was that this author did a horrible job telling a plausible or interesting story. He even had trouble with writing the canon characters, which caused me to wonder if he even watched the television show. And the worst part for me is that he spent so much time with Troi and her having “hallucinations” of a connection with an alien force (which had nothing to do with nothing) and being a “chick”; as in she could never defend herself or have capability to exert any type of leadership. Granted the TV series does this as well, but I don’t like it there either.

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