Thursday, June 2, 2011

From my cellphone: Picard and Q in Philly

Picard: Q, I have to go so...
Q: But Picard, it's fancy meeting you here.
Picard: Yes, yes, Q but...
Q: Have you tried the cheesestakes yet? They were delicious!
Picard: No I haven't.
Q: Well you simply must! You know, I'll take you right now... [fingers about to snap]
Picard: NO! I have a signing to do and some photos so perhaps next time you're in this sector
Q: Oh, that's perfectly fine, I can wait.
Picard: But...
Q: Nope, I have nothing to do, I'll just wait over here and try one of those water-ice...
Picard: [face palm]

That photo was taken during the 2010 Philly Comic Con.

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