Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review: Faithful by Davitt Sigerson

Faithful by Davitt Sigerson

Rating: 1/5

I can honestly say I felt a sense of accomplishment after reading this book, but mainly because I finished reading a book I did not like. Sometimes you feel pride when you trudge through a bad book and see it to its miserable end. I debated ticking the spoiler option but decided against it because I don't encourage anyone to read this book, possibly if it's made into a movie (I don't know why it would, but you never know) you can watch that. If you want to read it then stop reading this review, but seriously, pass on this one (even if my description sounds appealing, this book blows).

This is a story of a man who's been royally screwed over by a woman. Nick falls in love and quickly marries Trish. Trish cheats during their marriage (with strangers), gets pregnant (don't worry the kid is Nicks), then while pregnant, leaves Nick for her ex-boyfriend (moves in with him and everything, while smug ex-boyfriend is a jerk and has a sense of pride for stealing Trish away and throws it in Nick's face that he's going to raise his child). Nick spends the remainder of the book pining away for Trish and dealing with being a part-time dad. Yup, that's it. Nick is miserable, the end.

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