Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life or something like it...

I've been sitting (okay laying) on the couch (laptop on lap) for 2 hours debating when I will actually get up to heat up the Papa Johns' from last night.

I've been hungry for 3 hours.

Why am I so lazy?

I think my survival instincts are off. I mean, I'm hungry, food is available, yet I continue to sit here. You know how bad it is, I'm actually blogging right now about how hungry and lazy I am, instead of standing up, walking, say 20 feet away, waiting the 2 minutes for the microwave to heat up my food and then eating it. I would rather complain and be hungry than actually do something about it.

More importantly, why don't I have servants who can bring me food and shove it in my mouth. I mean, the TV won't watch itself and my Google Reader list isn't getting and smaller.

Sometimes, I worry for the future because I'm sure I'm not the only person doing lazy ass stuff like this.

1 comment:

  1. You can't just leave us hanging like that. Did you ever get the pizza? ;-)


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