Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Switzerland to-do-list

So I'm going on vacation to Switzerland next week so I decided to do a bit of internet research on this place. I'm learning that Zurich (where I plan to spend most of my time) might not be the most exciting city in the world. I really should have thought out this vacation more.

Anyway, here's some of my to-do-list (hopefully I'll have photos of everything when I get back):
  • Open a Swiss bank account (for future pyramid scheme), if not possible take photo of self in front of or inside a bank (I'm in Zurich, it's the banking capital ok) 
  • Take a photo of a mountain, if possible, one of the Alps, if not, lie and say it's the Alps 
  • Take a photo of me hiking (I won't actually hike because I have an allergy to exercise) 
  • Buy a garden gnome 
  • Take pictures of the gnome in random places 
  • Buy a Swiss army knife 
  • If I'm feeling adventurous, take the trip to Jungfrau
  • Buy a Swatch watch (I probably won't be able to afford one of those other fancy watches) 
  • Buy some fancy Swiss cheese, even though I won't eat it because I hate cheese 
  • Take a photo of an alphorn 
  • Get some Swiss chocolate 
  • Make friends (because I'm a sad lonely loser now but in a foreign country I can be whomever I wish, and I wish to be someone who makes friends while on vacation... this won't really happen, but it's good to have goals)
Nerdy-touristy stuff I will probably have to do by myself
Oh yeah, I think I'll make a stop in Germany too.

Believe it or not, I'm actually very excited to visiting another country, I'm a real sucker for cultural exchanges and the like.

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  1. Have a fantastic vacation; how wonderful to travel to new, unkown places! I wish I could join you at the Uhrenmuseum (clocks are a fascination)! And you better visit the public library...there will be a quiz when you return. :o) Best wishes!


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