Monday, September 12, 2011

Pizza Pizza Daddy-O

PIZZA PIZZA DADDY-O (1967) looks at continuity and change in girls' playground games at a Los Angeles school. The footage included in this film was taken in December of 1967 on the playground of a school in a Los Angeles black ghetto. The players are a dozen fourth-grade girls (9 to 10 years old). The repertoire of games played by African-American children at this time was highly stable across the country and highly dynamic; new games (usually re-workings or parodies of older ones) appear and disappear, but their essential structure and stylistic characteristics continue to be handed on from one generation of school children to the next.
Here's the trailer:

So my friends and I didn't invent these games? But seriously, I can really play some hand-games... don't get me started playing numbers, I've reached 20 once.

Anyway, watch the full 18 minute film at FolkStream.

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