Monday, February 28, 2011

Romeo Montague Email InBox


And I laughed... especially at the last email.

Source [Famous InBoxes]

Nina Simone


One of my favorite songs, I Hold No Grudge by Nina Simone.

Image Source [FY Black Beauties]

Monday Morning Links


  • Nice marketing campaign by Coca-Cola with their happiness truck... and by happiness they mean giving out free cokes and other merchandise
  • Fashion, you make me LOL sometimes, but remember when Britney and Justin were a couple? Oh those were simpler times then.
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    Friday, February 25, 2011


    I'm in a funk...

    I'm constantly thinking of cool and funny stuff to blog about but when I sit in front of the computer I just don't have the energy to write it down...

    maybe I can make this an audio blog... just talking what I'm thinking might be easier than actually writing them down... or telepathy... yeah! I need to invent a telepathy blog... now hear me out...

    so you type in and suddenly my thoughts enter your head and...

    ugh, what the hell am I talking about?

    I'm going back to bed...

    but hey! I'll be coming back on a regular basis soon (I hope)... otherwise, browse older post (I'm sure you'll find something entertaining in the 1800 + posts)...

    Monday, February 21, 2011


    Well I've been terribly busy doing nothing (I'm sure everyone can relate to that) and haven't gotten around to writing any new blog post... sorry for not updating.

    But don't fear... I'll probably start feeling guilty about neglecting my blog in a couple days and start updating again...

    until then I've gone reading.

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    Never Forget: 1990's Mariah Carey


    Image Source [Not Exactly]

    Art Reactions: An Historical Romance of the Civil War


    Kara Walker: from Gone: An Historical Romance of the Civil War as it Occurred Between the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart (image 1), 1994

    This reminds me of the Disney film, The Princess and the Frog.

    Art Reactions: Kara Karayev


    Tair Salakhov: Kara Karayev, 1960 (located in Moscow, Tret’yakov Gallery)

    Reminds me of a sad comic book I read once.

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Katharine Hepburn

    High collars are always sophisticated.

    Source [We Had Faces Then]

    The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon


    Who thinks of trying to kill someone with a spoon? Oh wait, didn't Kevin Bacon kill a guy with a spoon in the film Murder in the First? Man, that was a good movie.

    The Yellow Pages


    In case you haven't heard, the Yellow Pages now has a national opt-out program. If you, like many people, are tried of getting the yellow pages delivered every year (sometimes it feels like I get a new book every 3 months) then you can say "no more!"

    Visit National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice Opt-Out Site.

    One more thing:
    In the image above someone wrote, "we all have a thing called 'the internet'"... whenever I see messages like this, I want to scream "we don't ALL have the internet!" There are many people who still don't have access to the internet either because of economics or geography (and I'm talking about in America), and don't even get me started on a generation of seniors who aren't on the internet... so let us not be arrogant and continue to make statements like that. It's funny but I'm just saying...

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Random Gif - A Clockwork Orange


    This is awesome in its subtlety.

    By the way, A Clockwork Orange is currently on Watch Instantly over at Netflix.

    Image Source [blastr]

    Radiohead - Lotus Flower

    Radiohead released the video Lotus Flower from their new album The King of Limbs.

    A couple of things:
    1. I still want Thom Yorke to sing me to sleep
    2. Tom Yorke's dancing entertains yet intrigues me
    3. This song is all kinds of awesome... well it's classic "soft singing" Yorke, which I love
    4. I love the line "There's an empty space inside my heart/ And it won't take root/ Tonight I'll set you free/ I'll set you free"
    5. I have listened to this song at least 10 times (in a row) after my first viewing... I can be a bit obsessive about stuff I like
    6. I want a bowler hat

    Watch the video:

    You can buy the album (I'll be doing that very soon) and as an added bonus they have a raffel! "One lucky owner of the digital version of The King Of Limbs, purchased from this website, will receive a signed 2 track 12" vinyl." I hope it's me!!

    Anthony Perkins


    Image Source [Cine at Home]

    Nerd Talk: Breakfast cereal


    The images they flash across the screen while they discuss breakfast cereals are hilarious.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Why do you hate me when I show you nothing but love?


    Man I really loved Scrubs, well, seasons 1 - 7... those last two seasons, not so much.
    Image Source [Are u jeepin' around on me?]

    That's a serious tattoo

    Image Source [One morning made of rose and mystic blue]

    Random Gif - The Fresh Prince


    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Howard University graduation 1970


    Source [Pretty Dark Things]

    Never Forget: Everybody's Talkin'


    Everybody's Talkin' by Harry Nilsson

    Errol Muthafrapin' Flynn


    He's one cool dude.

    Source [We Had Faces Then]

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Can you help a banker out?


    "Die yuppie scum"... remember that phrase? Yeah, that comes to mind when watching this video but I'm sure this is a joke... I hope.

    Joan Bennett

    Joan Bennett, 1940s, in a Schiaparelli hat

    I love this photo.

    Another note, I always confuse her with Vivien Leigh from Gone with the Wind.

    Source [We Had Faces Then]

    Comic Book Characters and Star Trek Mash-Up

    Comic Book Resources took suggestions from twitter about comic book characters and Star Trek mash-up ideas. And here you go:

    Storm and Uhura (I gotta say this mash-up is too easy)

    Sentry gets counseling from Troi

    Magneto vs The Borg (yeah, that sounds about right)

    The Mighty Worf, (Klingon) God of Thunder
    Spock meets Namor
    Source [Comic Book Resources]

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    My Podcast Debut


    My friends over at Starbase 66 podcast invited me to join them for a chat about Black characters in science fiction. I was surprised and very honored for the invite, you see I've been a Starbase 66 fan since early 2009.

    After my initial shyness and fangirl-ness I eventually got into it and really enjoyed the discussion... ah nerd discussions, I just 'em. Oh yeah, here's the list from we were referencing.

    Why don't you give the episode a listen. Actually you should just subscribe on iTunes so you can fill all your science fiction and Star Trek nerd needs.

    Now, since I've done this podcast thing (have skype will call) I'm available to "guest star" (hahaha... I said guest star) on any and all podcasts. I can discuss anything, seriously anything, even stuff I don't know... that won't stop me, I'll talk about it.



    I never have enough time to read but that's why I do treasure the moments I get.

    Source [Reading is Fundamental]

    Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas


    I want to learn a dance routine... and I think with my limited dancing ability I could probably pull this one off.

    Monday Morning Links


    • How young is too young for girls to wear makeup? I never had to deal with this issue because I wasn't interested in makeup until college, but I know Clair Huxtable didn't allow the Cosby girls to wear makeup until they were 16 and that sounds about right.
    • Learn some naughty Victorian slang (NSFW). Having a buttered bun? Brother starling? Geez, those Victorians weren't as virtuous as we believe.

    Image Source [Mike Mitchell's Tumblr of Amazing Things]

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    1950s Fashion Models


    Image Source [We Had Faces Then]

    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?


    I love the film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were excellent, especially Bette might I just say.

    Did you know it was originally a novel? Neither did I.

    That is all.

    Image Source [Cine at Home]

    I'm even in love with your knees


    I can admit I'm one of those people in love with the idea of being love. I swim and soak up romance (books and movies) and the notion of being in love (especially obsessive crazy love, I just find it fascinating).

    In real life, obsessive love and stalking creeps me out and I have to remind myself, that stuff only works in the movies and books. You can't go around harassing the person you like, thinking they will "come around" to returning your affection (talking to you Say Anything...).

    Image Source [alysian-fields]

    UPDATE: Commenter Maria let me know the name of the film is La Belle Personne (The Beautiful Person). She was nice enough to translate the entire letter:

    "l love you too much to let you think I can live without you. l don't care if you cheat on me, as long as you are honest and tell me. l don't care if you hide me away, as long as you come find me again.

    l am patient, and while I await you, l will recall your whole body.

    I'm even in love with your knees."

    Wow! Isn't that beautiful? Also, the film is currently streaming on Netflix.

    The Wayward Ones [Book Cover]


    Image Source [uk vintage - flickr]

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Henry Cavill will be the next Superman


    Some people aren't happy about this choice; they don't like a British Superman or that he doesn't have the Superman "look"... well this photo from the 2003 film I Capture the Castle he looks a LOT like Superman... don't you think?

    If the Best Picture Movie Posters Told the Truth

    Really? I will cry? Anyone see this film and can confirm?

    I'm not a fan of boxing films, yes I did watch the Rocky series but that's it.

    I really liked this film... was he a true douchebag? Umm, sort of... but it's still a good film.

    I hear this is really good but I have a the hurdle of watching a film about ballet...

    This doesn't interest me at all.

    Source [BuzzFeed]

    This is exactly why James Brown is a GENIUS


    This is exactly why James Brown is a GENIUS... those beats... the BEAT... jesus, just listen to this song (the entire thing)... you won't be disappointed... just bob your head and smile...

    For some background, this song is titled Blind Man Can See It written and produced by James Brown for the film soundtrack of Black Caesar. This song is sampled in numerous hip-hop songs.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    Sunshine and Cakes [That silly short story I wrote that didn't win]

    Last month I saw the local free paper had a fiction short story contest. On a whim I wrote something and submitted my story. I did not win (the winning story is quite charming). Don't let the title Sunshine and Cakes fool you, it's not a happy-go-lucky story, if you know me, then you know I wouldn't write anything happy. Anyway, here's the short story:

    Sunshine and Cakes
    by Camille

    It's exactly two years since sunshine rained down on the little office of Pepper & Firth Staffing Agency. We celebrate the sunshine by holding a mid-afternoon cake and soda party in honor of Amanda Stuart. This day represents her first day in the office which also happens to be her birthday; of course coincidences like this always happen to people like Amanda.

    I hold position in the rear, as everyone tries to quietly walk to her cubical to “surprise” our dear Amanda with a cake baked by yours truly with two protruding candles. We dare not place her actual age on the cake (which happens to be 29), why acknowledge that sunshine ages, when we can acknowledge the years it has spent in our lives!

    I walk without a care to the noise I make, which is minimal, due to the unnaturally thick carpet in our office. Not to mention the ridiculousness of trying to “surprise” someone who knows of our office traditions and is well aware that today is her birthday.

    I spend this time watching Betsy, the office manager handle my cake with unduly care and ponder how the duty of baking the traditional office birthday cake became my burden eight years ago. Ah! I do remember, it was my first year at the company and at the weekly staff meeting Betsy asked if anyone could bring in a cake for Mr. Firth’s birthday. Being the people pleaser and six weeks into a new job, I eagerly volunteered; never mind the fact I have never baked anything besides Betty Crocker brownies, how hard could a cake possibly be? Mr. Firth’s sixty-second birthday cake, which I can admit was a little extravagant for a simple office party and I know I was overcompensating for my newness at the office, was a success.

    I suspect the fact that my first two attempts at baking a cake failed and my stopping by the Reading Terminal to pick up the most homely looking (but delicious) cake I could find which I naturally passed off as my own cemented my fate. Now my cakes were requested from that point forward and I found a happy little niche as the baker of cakes in the office. I did learn to bake and frost, rather well, thank you very much, and now, eight years later, there is no request, only the assumption I’ll bring the cake.

    Betsy turns to us and starts to mouth “Happy Birthday to you,” and everyone quickly picks up the cue. I do not sing. I watch. I watch our sunshine stand in utter surprise, playing her part perfectly and seeing all the smiles on my co-workers faces brighten, believing they actually accomplished their surprise. Amanda places her palms on both sides of her cheeks and stares at the cake, my cake. She then looks up and smiles at everyone. Oh, that smile. That wide, molar revealing smile really brightens up her face, it still amazes me that she can actually make herself even more attractive and I decide to sing along. Why not? It is her birthday after all.

    The singing ends, the claps begin and it’s time for sunshine to express her gratitude. “Thank you! I really appreciate this and two candles, now, I really appreciate that.” Laughs, hard laughs from everyone, I smile.

    Harold pushed forward, “Here! I have the knife and plates Amanda,” and hands them to her. She thanks him and Harold blushes, hard. He tends to do that whenever sunshine looks his way. Sometimes I feel like this office is a sitcom with trite responses from everyone. Harold the overweight bald, near-sighted pencil pusher is constantly flushed whenever the beauty pays him any attention. I roll my eyes.

    Cake is passed around and small talk ensued. The cake, which is red velvet was quite delicious and the “thumbs up” and smiles I received from numerous co-workers expressed that opinion universally. Sunshine made her way over to me after ten minutes. “This cake is delicious. You know, red velvet is my favorite.” Yes, I did know that. Amanda would probably be surprised by how much I do know about her.

    “It was no trouble, I hope it’s moist enough, you never know until it’s finished.” I reply, which is entirely true, that’s why I was up until two in the morning, finishing the cake after the first one came out a little wonky.

    “It’s perfect! Really it is. I don’t think I’ve ever had cake this moist before,” spoken as she took another bite. I wondered if anyone ever explained speaking with food in ones mouth was bad manners. I doubt anyone has every spoken a bad word to sunshine.

    “Thank you, as long as you enjoy it.” And then I walk away to find a trash bin for my plate and fork. It’s strange but I am the only one who has the opposite reaction to sunshine.

    When she was first introduced to us I was rather excited to have another co-worker my age. Pepper & Firth has been around since the days of Ben Franklin and the staff reflects that. I thought finally someone to go to lunch with, someone to grab a cocktail with after work, that is, after I got to know Amanda a little better.

    We did go for those lunches and cocktail drinks but the more time I spent around her the more nervous I became. Amanda is what I call one of those TV people. Her entire life is a perfect little sitcom and she finds herself in situations that I can only describe as happening to people in movies. The last time we met for drinks after work (a good four months ago, sunshine always has a busy schedule and usually runs out of the office at 5pm every day), she told me the most unusual tale of her recent engagement to Rex Reid, the new outfielder for the Phillies (yes, that’s actually his real name, Rex Reid). Long story short (it was told over 3 glasses of white wine), Amanda, who always happens to be at the right place at the right time, was waiting at the bar for friends to meet her at a new restaurant in Old City, forty minutes later she was on her third Amaretto-Sour when a “tall, dark and handsome” (her words) man sat down next to her.

    The man was on his cell phone speaking Spanish and sweet little Amanda decided to eavesdrop (she told me she is fluent in Spanish only when she’s drunk). After the man finishes his call and orders a beer Amanda boldly says, “you should tell your friend to just take a cab and don’t worry about finding parking.” Mr. Tall dark and handsome of course isn’t perturbed by her eavesdropping but is more impressed that she knows Spanish (I’m pretty sure her perfect little face, size five body and pouty lips helped him overcome any misgivings he might have had). They strike up a conversation, exchange phone numbers and eight dates later (she only learned about his celebrity baseball status two dates in because sunshine lives in her own world and doesn’t read newspapers), our Amanda is about to become Mrs. Rex Reid.

    After she told me the rather long (but I will admit interesting) story I wanted to slap her. First, for dating a celebrity for over three months without a hint to me and second, for living the life I’ve only dreamed of. Do these things really happen to people?

    The crowd is still hovering around Amanda’s cubicle and I slip away to get back to my emails. After a couple minutes I feel someone behind me and turn to find Amanda standing and smiling at me. “What’s up Amanda?” I ask.

    “You know I was thinking, we’ve really gotten to know each other over the last two years and I really like you.” I lean back in my chair and notice the temperature just rose a couple degrees; I had no idea where this was going. Amanda was making me nervous again.

    “Thanks, I really like you too.” I picked up my pen and started to twirl it around my fingers, I always do that when I’m nervous. Amanda moves over and half sits on my desk.

    “You know the wedding is coming up rather soon and I’ve been really busy running around. I wish I had more time for our after work drinks, I think you’re the only person amused by my silly little stories.” And I am amused. I’m amused and fascinated by everything related to sunshine. “Well, you’re a good story teller.”

    “Please…” and she bumps my shoulder. “Since we’ve gotten so close over the last couple of years and the wedding, I thought…” This is it, sunshine was actually going to fully let me into her world. I could become a TV person too!

    “Well, could you consider, I would really, really appreciate it, if you could bake the cake for the wedding?”

    And I died.

    Powerful Photo


    Source [Pretty Dark Things]

    And now I understand the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England


    I'm sure I knew all this at one point...

    Batman - a rich bastard who answers to no one


    I just read this excellent post where the author breaks down Batman in a way I've never considered before:
    By their nature as vigilantes, acting outside or above the law, most superheroes have a troubling undercurrent of aristocratic, undemocratic, authoritarian values. Only the hero, not the police, judges, lawmakers, and average citizen, can effectively protect and improve the city they patrol, and god help anyone who gets in their way.

    No one exemplifies these tendencies more than Batman, the ultimate aristocratic hero.

    Batman acts with an enormous sense of entitlement. Batman just assumes he’s right in every situation. It’s his city. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll make you leave. If Batman thinks you’re guilty of a crime, he’ll put on his pointed black mask and beat the crap out of you. Laws? Civil rights? Due process? Those are for other people. Yes, the people may have elected a mayor, and may pay taxes to employ the police. Batman could work with them, but they’re all corrupt, weak, and not as good as him. (Except Gordon. Batman has generously determined that Gordon is worthy to be contacted, though he always disappears before Gordon’s done talking, just to remind Gordon who’s the bitch in this relationship.)

    Batman isn’t just “the man,” Bruce Wayne is also The Man. He’s a rich, white, handsome man who comes from an old money family and is the main employer in Gotham. He owns half the property in the city. In a very real sense, Gotham belongs to him, and he inherited all of it.

    Read the full post - Batman: Plutocrat from

    Image Source [dragonboner]

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Me too Bette... me too...


    Image Source [We Had Faces Then]

    Online Only Public Libraries


    I saw this BBC article Are libraries finished? Five arguments for and against . In the UK more than 400 public libraries may close and people are fighting to keep them open, but this article lists five reasons to keep libraries open and five to make them online only (it's a quick read, check it out).

    Listen, this argument for "online only" libraries can only be considered, when there is equal access (dial-up doesn't count) to the internet for all. How arrogant are we who have access to high-speed internet to assume everyone "has the internet"... there are many people who still cannot connect to the web (by income and/or location).

    Not to mention you have to pay for the internet, so until the internet is free for everyone, I say we should keep free libraries open. I'm just saying...

    Arg, this debate just drives me crazy!

    Nerd Talk: Harry Potter


    Do I need to mention how much I would love to sit in a diner discussing Harry Potter with friends. Sadly, my friends only make fun of Harry Potter.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    ain't that the truth

    Image Source [Booklover]

    Now build my dream house around this


    Isn't this a fabulous window seat?

    The blog, Marcus Design has hundreds and hundreds of beautiful images of interior designs... spend a couple hours imagining your fantasy house, at least that's what I did.

    Another The Hunger Games trailer


    Another The Hunger Games trailer... there are so many floating around, I can't keep up. These "trailers" are cool and all, but everyone knows this movie didn't start filming yet right, and has a release date of March 23, 2012.

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    The Suburbs


    This photo represents everything I imagine living in the suburbs might be like. I think I would go crazy living in a place where everything was perfect and the same (check out the theme song to Weeds). Granted, I don't think the suburbs are all bad, I just think they would be bad for me.

    Image Source [skylor]

    Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

    In my humble opinion this was the best Superbowl commercial.

    I love how he "flagged" his dad off!

    Monday Morning Links

    • Next time someone texts me by accident (which never happens), I'm totally going to do this (or something similar).

    Image Source [reddit]

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Sad but true

    Source [fyreading]

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    Michael Caine doing a Michael Caine impersonation


    and I laughed.

    Why Inception is a fail (SPOILER)


    After I saw this image, I thought, "yeah!"... the end.


    Source [HTML Giant]

    Michael Jackson


    Michael Jackson on set shooting the video Keep It In the Closet.

    Source [Danyel Smith]

    Friday, February 4, 2011



    Walking to lunch one day I was so caught up in reverie I forgot where I was going. I stopped walking and said out loud, "where am I go?" Luckily no one heard me and I eventually realized I was near the Subway and got lunch. True story.

    Image Source [booklover]

    Reading Rainbow + Star Trek = Win

    Watch this video from Reading Rainbow where LeVar Burton takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of Star Trek The Next Generation.

    I love Worf Michael Dorn walking about saying he takes big steps.

    Life is a malevolent force, which seeks to destroy you


    "Life is a malevolent force, which seeks to destroy you, and you have to struggle with it. Only those who are hard enough will succeed. Most people get crushed, but if you fight, in the end life will go, “Fucking hell. This one’s serious. Let him through." - Russell Brand

    I love Russell Brand, did I tell you someone got me his new book for Christmas?

    Source [alysian-fields]

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    The question no one wants to be asked...


    Image Source [one morning made of rose and mystic blue]

    Judging this book by the cover… I want to read it.


    The Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter

    Oh yeah, it's a children's book.

    He's pretty...


    Image Source [Yellow Asian- NSFW]
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