Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Saddest documentary trailer I've seen in a while...

This is the saddest trailer for a documentary I've watched in a while. I guess the part where they explain her TV was on for 3 years hit me the hardest for some reason... I could just imagine that happening to me. I come home from work one day, and as usual, I sit on the couch, cut the TV on and place the laptop on my lap and commence browsing the web - and suddenly I'm dead, not to be found until 3 years later.

Okay, okay, I kinda doubt that would happen. My family would probably start to investigate but that doesn't mean it's still not an irrational fear I have!

Watch the trailer:

Would anyone miss you? Nobody noticed when Joyce Vincent died in her bedsit above a shopping mall in North London in 2003. Her body wasn't discovered for three years, surrounded by Christmas presents she had been wrapping, and with the TV still on. Newspaper reports offered few details of her life-- not even a photograph.

Interweaving interviews with imagined scenes from Joyce's life, Dreams of a Life is an imaginative, powerful, multilayered quest, and is not only a portrait of Joyce but a portrait of London in the eighties—the City, music, and race. It is a film about urban lives, contemporary life, and how, like Joyce, we are all different things to different people. It is about how little we may ever know each other, but nevertheless, how much we can love.

Source [She is King]

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