Friday, January 13, 2012


for reals...

Source [we will kill them all]


  1. Hee. How far have you made it into the series? I bogged down in book 4 sometime last year, will likely return to it before the end of this one.

  2. I loved these books and have read them all. I know the feeling in that cartoon. =(

  3. Jennifer - I read the first three books and they were AWESOME. I was about 60 pages into the 4th book and gave up because he changed a lot and focused on other characters. Now I hear the books get better and some of my favorite characters (well the ones that are still alive) pop-up but I decided to give this series a break. I'm sure I'll get into it again after the new season of the TV show starts.

    Shady Grady - anyone who has read the books has to know this feeling.


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