Sunday, February 26, 2012

You have Republicans in your vagina

I recently tweeted, "When we argue about women's reproduction rights in 2012, I know we are that much further from making first contact with the Vulcans." [see here]

Seriously, this entire discussion some politicians are having is setting us back! For the record, we already agreed:
  1. a woman's body = private
  2. birth control = good
  3. abortion = legal
 Why are we revisiting this? I swear I was truly born too soon, we'll never explore the galaxy.


  1. #1&2: sure,
    but 3?

    We've NEVER agreed about 3.
    It was found to be a constitutional right
    as an extension of the freedom
    from unreasonable search and seizure. WTF!
    There's never been a day for the last 40 yrs
    when it wasn't being protested somewhere.
    It's basically polling at around 50/50
    with one side up by a point or two
    each time the question gets asked.

    So, I definitely disagree about #3


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