Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reading in front of the fireplace

is something I've never experienced but I really, really want to. By god, my next house will have a working fireplace!

Image Source [Flickr]


  1. Find a hotel or B&B or some place where you can try it before you commit to living with a fireplace. The reality is not as cool as the fantasy.

    Wood smoke is nasty and if you have anything like asthma or allergies will very likely make it harder to breathe.

    Fireplaces are expensive - they must be regularly cleaned [including the chimney and flue] because birds can nest in there when you're not looking. There are deaths from CO poisoning because the flue gets clogged up and the smoke has nowhere to go and fills a house.

    Also, the light from a fireplace isn't that easy to read by. Remember it will be behind the book and it is generally not that bright.

  2. Moose makes good points. Also, woodsmoke is a pretty nasty pollutant. This said by someone who *does* have a working fireplace but tries to use it only a few times a year...

    I managed to read by firelight as a kid, but wouldn't do it now. Far better to lay by the fire, and have someone else read to me! (Recommendation: on a cold and/or rainy day or night, have someone read DH Lawrence's short story "The Sun" while you're near a fire.)


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