Friday, December 6, 2013

Tokyo - Akihabara

Akihabara (秋葉原) is the big electronics district in Tokyo. It's the center of Japan's otaku culture, and many places are devoted to anime and manga. I have to admit I found it kind of hard to traverse and get my bearings. Or rather, I think I should have spent more time there walking in and out of various stores. I had a plan to visit a few of the bigger stores, but when I go again, I will plan to spend all day there walking inside more stores.

Also, I went to Japan with the idea I could buy cheaper electronics, but sadly, I found most of the prices on par with the US and at times more expensive! That was kind of disappointing, but I realized I didn't really need to buy any electronics anyway. How would I get a 60 inch TV on the plane back?

My Vine inside one of the toy stores:

Here are a few shots from the area:

Super Mario Bros!

I did go to one of the Maid Cafes and found the experience really strange and I was awkward and uncomfortable. I doubt I would ever visit one again, but I suggest everyone do it at least once.

Remember SEGA? Here's one of the arcade game shops.

The stairs inside this cool video game store (I forget the name).

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