Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book Review: Boogeymen (Star Trek: The Next Generation #17)

Boogeymen (Star Trek: The Next Generation #17) by Mel Gilden
Rating: 3/5

Oh Wesley Crusher, your anxiety, curiosity and intelligence will destroy The Enterprise one day, I swear!

The crew is faced with the two separate dilemmas which suddenly become mixed together. Will they survive? Will the Enterprise be destroyed? Did Troi really come up with the solution? Is Beverly going to hook up with the Captain towards the end? My friends, you will all find out if you read it...

Ok, ok, this is NOT the greatest TNG novel, nor is it the worst. It's pretty average on the cusps of being slightly bad. It starts pretty well, but towards the end of the novel the events get more and more ridiculous. I already mentally giggled every time Captain Picard said the word "boogeymen."

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