Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review: Chronicles of the Host: Exile of Lucifer by D. Brian Shafer

Chronicles of the Host: Exile of Lucifer by D. Brian Shafer
Rating: 3/5

If you are familiar with Christianity or Judaism you probably know the story of Lucifer/Satan/The Morning Star/The Anointed Cherub (or other names given to this biblical character), and the archangels Michael and Gabriel. Or perhaps you've seen various movies which talk about Satan in the biblical context like The Prophecy, The Ninth Gate or Dogma, etc.

I say all that to say, many are familiar with the basic story. Lucifer was a beloved angel living in Heaven with all the other angels until one day he got the idea that he wanted more power or to be as powerful as God. So he hatches a plan to gain control of Heaven, but surprise, surprise, the plan fails because, well, he was going up against God (remember he's all powerful and all knowing and all that). So he's kicked out of Heaven with his cohorts to reign terror and strife on earth. The end.

But this novel, tells the story from the viewpoint of the Angels. It gives us details about life in Heaven and what "really" went down with Lucifer being kicked out of heaven.

I found this novel rather intriguing (even though the writing at times is a bit flat and many one dimensional characters) because it's like reading a story you generally know, but with extra details, so it makes it a quick read and you're interested in how this author will spin things. I also liked that this novel wasn't all "preachy" about right and wrong and all that religion stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that, but just not my cup of tea).

So if you're a fan of angels, and want the back-story of what went down in Heaven, give it a go.

Oh yeah, do I even have to mention, this is fiction (for some reason I feel like I have too).


  1. Camiile--Thanks for the review of my book. Yeah it was my first novel I ever wrote and sometimes you can tell, But it was a fun write. I hope you enjoyed it. Id LOVE to get your take on a dif type novel I wrote called Nova Fannum. Check it out sometimes. Take care.

    doug shafer

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