Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Review: Wild Heart by Lori Brighton

Wild Heart by Lori Brighton
Rating: 2/5

Hmmm... this novel was a little unbalanced. We have this mysterious man raised in the jungles of India. We have this woman who can communicate with animals. She becomes his governess and tries to teach him to be a gentlemen in society so he can inherit his family's estate. Meanwhile, he's on a quest to discover who killed him parents in India. Then, towards 80% into the book it gets all weird, and there is talk of a statue with unlimited power. (blank stare)

Overall, tolerable, but I would not say it was good.


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  2. Read this book if you want to read about a very different and interesting hero, a strong and compassionate heroine and a story that keeps you engaged and wondering what happens next. I was very impressed with the author's writing ability, especially for a debut novel.

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  6. I really enjoyed Wild Heart and can't wait to read more by Lori Brighton (there is a sequel to Wild Hearts coming up!!)!! I urge everyone to grab a copy of this book and truly lose themselves within its words!

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