About Me

Hello Internet! My name is Camille. I'm just a random person who likes to read and share my obsessions... maybe I will find other people who love the same things I love.

My obligatory cellphone bathroom mirror photo.

Just to give you a heads up, this isn't one of those niche blogs (I wish it were, they seem to be very popular) but my interests are too varied for that. I am a book/reader lover (hence the blog name: camillereads.com) so I post a lot of items on various things and whatever catches my fancy, which can be art, films, pretty things, pretty people, all matters of nerd, random thoughts, desires, wishes, secrets, and... and... well just enjoy the ride. By the way, I love that shirt you're wearing!

I'm a big Star Trek The Next Generation fan, but these are things you will learn by reading this blog.

Err, since you clicked on the about me link, I guess I should reveal a bit about myself. I'm a web developer, book reader, and basement nerd (to quote the book Ready Player One - "Going outside is highly overrated"). I find everyone extremely interesting (yes, I'm talking about you). My interests are very eclectic and hard to define because I truly am interested in almost everything (except zombies, I hate zombies). I'm actually a very normal person which can be a tad boring but that's where books come in... I love them, they take you to places movies/films can only dream of...

If you are really curious, I'm in my 30's and I live in the best city in the world, Philadelphia, PA. For more information you should email me, I'm pretty friendly online, in the real world, not so much. Just kidding, I'm always friendly, I'm just a little shy...
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